Fashion and Political Correctness

Fashion is big in Second Life™. I am never sure if SL is leading RL trends or following them. I think I can provide examples of both cases. But, I’m not that big into fashion, so I would be arguing the point with limited knowledge. That is usually a popular path that leads to disaster.

Izzie's - Geanna Frostbite Skin fair  for C88

Izzie’s – Geanna Frostbite Skin fair for C88 by Lila Quander, on Flickr

I am politically active and I am seeing lots of liberal/progressive writers coming down on fashion designers and bloggers. The new politically correct term dividing people is now “Cultural Appropriation”. Writers like Taylor Bryant have bought into the idea and are helping out by promoting aversion to Cultural Appropriation. 

So, if you are white, don’t be wearing cornrows, those are reserved for people of color. We couldn’t ride in the front of the bus, so now you can’t wear cornrows. THPPBBTPH! Sheesh! Some people…

Over at the The Federalist Maria Santos wrote: Political Correctness Is Ruining Fashion. If you haven’t been seeing the trend, you probably aren’t using good news sources or you simply don’t follow politics, which is really dangerous… for all of us. The article will get you informed as to what some consider politically correct for the fashion designer and trendy fashion blogger.

It seems there is a movement on the Left to head toward segregation, which is where the Democrat Party started out. I see nothing happening on the Left side of the political spectrum to bring people together.

Or… If you are into fashion design, you could tell them to screw off and design from your heart rather than trying to figure out what is politically correct.

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