Second Life Bits 2014-37


The main viewer remains 3.7.14.

RC Viewers

new Snapshot Panel

New Snapshot Panel

My SL Viewer updated this weekend. It is now version 3.7.15-293376. This is the Snowstorm RC viewer I previously covered here: Second Life Bits 2014-36 #2.

It is listed on the RC Viewers page as: Snowstorm Viewer version The release notes are here. The changes listed are:

Snapshot Panel Collapsed - Not Minimized

Snapshot Panel Collapsed – Not Minimized

  • OPEN-213 Broken header guard in llaudiodecodemgr.h
  • OPEN-217 Change to media_plugin_quicktime.cpp causes Windows compile to fail
  • STORM-2030 Rapidly clicking the refresh button in selected floaters may result in duplicate entries
  • STORM-2031 Display issues with Top colliders/Top scripts floater
  • STORM-2034 Support ‘older than’ when inventory filtering
  • STORM-2037 LSL syntax fetching for new keywords appears to be broken
  • STORM-2038 On the Edit tab of the build menu, clicking the area in between the fullbright checkbox and the materials drop down box opens the color picker.
  • STORM-2040 Unified Snapshot floater
  • STORM-2073 Post to Facebook sends a duplicated Status posts
  • STORM-2076 Width spinner is broken in the Sanpshot->Save to disk floater

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version Its release notes are here. The changes listed are:

  • inventory & outfit management
  • appearance editing
  • group & group ban management
  • multi-grid support for favorites
  • camera controls
  • notifications management
  • stability improvements
  • various UI bugs
  • several crash fixes

I am guessing the ‘multi-grid’ support is for the main grid and preview grid, not OpenSim grids.

The new Snapshot Panel looks like the image posted in this article.

Avatar Appearance

Lindal Kiid has an article on avatar appearance and how it has grown more complex. I wrote something about that in #SecondLife Directions. Her some summary is simple and straight forward making it very clear why new users can have such a hard time.

Dr. Who

I saw a new promo video pop up on YouTube:

I’m not a big Dr. Who fan. I enjoyed some of the series, but didn’t really get into it.

Cute Avatar Fashion

I came across a generally cute, well dressed avatar. It appears Neva Seljan is the model for her own fashion blog. See NEVAMIND.

Masculine Fashion

Strawberry Singh found a guys fashion blog. As rare as those are, it is worth a mention. For males looking for a classical roughed male look this is a find. See: Cold Ash @ Strawberry’s.

Forbes Top 10

Forbes has a number of Top 10’s they just published. Like the 10 Best Looking Games.

Nation of Remembrance

Also known as the Land of NoR. It is changing, again. Depending on your personal preferences this can be a good or bad thing.

NoR is a dark adult RP Game set in a post apocalyptic era within Second Life. It includes races of demons, angles, elves, humans, and others. The RP is much more spontaneous than the totally preplanned RP that I find so boring. Disagreements are settled based on combat. They use the UCE combat meter. Skill was, and I think still is, weighted such that a significant number of levels has to be achieved to overcome good combat skills and/or the coordinated teamwork of lower level players.

The problem with mixing RP and combat is RP junkies and combat junkies do not mix all that well. This results in play oscillating between emphasizing RP and combat. Rules constantly evolve to try and keep things in balance. The UCE meter also rapidly evolves to try and keep things in balance. Both evolve so fast I don’t see how anyone keeps up. I seldom play because of the rapid changes. I seem to forever be relearning the meter and basic combat skills. I hate losing ALL THE TIME.

It appears the changes coming to NoR are a splitting of NoR into cities and, if I understand, a way to franchise NoR… ‘franchise’ is my word. I think it kinda gets the idea across. There will be two continents now; Remembrance and Spiritus that are thought of as areas around cities. The rules in the two will be different, but I would guess similar. They are just announcing the coming changes and few details.

If you play there, keep up with the rule changes. See how the new cities evolve.

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