Second Life Bits …and Sex – 2018 Week #38

SL Gossip

New World Notes has a big (lots of words) article, big for NWN, about the SL Secrets website, the owners getting banned, and the Second Life™ Governance Team… maybe writing the word ‘system’ rather than ‘team’ would be more accurate.

This ‘secrets’ site is one of those sites with things on it where we can never know the truth. It is all unverifiable they said versus the others said and one side is bound by privacy laws and can’t speak in their defense. Just the drama prone scenario politicians love. Sway the emotional…

Gossiping about Sam

Gossiping about Sam

If you don’t know, SL Secrets is a website where bullies, haters, and gossipers can go to create victims and dox them and troll readers. Snowflakes show up to whine and cry.

There is no way to vet the claims that show up there. So, it is all drama. Unfortunately, there is a market for it.

And SL banned the owners of the site… really!?!  Continue reading

Second Life Adult: Not Intuitive

SexWe all have our thoughts and beliefs about sex. In Second Life™ we can push the envelope on our thinking. Plus, we encounter people from all over the world that have very different ideas about sex and the roles of male and female.

The Walk

The Walk

In SL I continue to find aspects of life I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, bloggers tend to write reviews of the previous year about now. It is interesting to be reminded of what changed this year. Caroline, of Second Life Adventures blog (NSFW), did a review of the 2016 events and happenings that affected her the most. There is a new meme. See: My Second Life Story in 2016 (NSFW XXX). Continue reading

Second Life: Free Speech Ban in UK? No Sex?

This year has seen many attacks on free speech. A new restriction is going into effect in the UK. UK to censor online videos of ‘non-conventional’ sex acts.

Beautiful in white

Beautiful in white

I’ve already been contacted by people in Second Life™ worried that it may mean SL will be banded in the UK. It gets complicated as banning requires ‘unconventional sex acts’ be defined and that age verification meet certain standards, which seem to be poorly defined and left to some bureaucrat to decide.  Continue reading

OMG! Can I get laid in Sansar?

I think this is kind of funny. But the second anxiety Canary Beck came up with is just that question, not worded quite that way, but not being PC I don’t have to ‘imply’ it. I can just say it. See Canary’s: Are Second Life residents anxious about Project Sansar?



Canary indicates 60% of Second Life™ residents use SL to engage in adult activities. Not all adult activities involve sex. Some of the Zindra groups worked, or may still be working, to make people more cognizant of that point. But, engaging in some sexual activity is a large part of the adult activities in SL.  Continue reading

Who’s number is on the bathroom wall?

For some time a few of the Second Life™ related blogs have been on about Second Life’s reputation and whether it s a bad or good girl rep and if bad, what has to be done about it. But, Canary Beck posits Second Life has little if any reputation outside the user community.  Canary and I both recently looked at the search engines to see what they might show people searching for Second Life and I virtual worlds. The results are pretty much sexless. But, today Hamlet is still on about how bad the reputation is because of a post on Reddit… really!?!

Baby, when you finally get to love somebody, guess what, it's gonna be me..

Baby, when you finally get to love somebody, guess what, it’s gonna be me..

Admittedly Reddit gets a lot of use. But, what is a lot of use? How do we compare that to other services and social sites? First, there is a that tells us something about which sub-reddits have the most subscribers.  There is a way to see how many of those subscribers are actually reading a Reddit page. (Traffic) One can also look to see how many are reading a given sub at the time you look. (Notice in the right column of a sub-reddit.)  Continue reading

Second Life: Too Little Sex?

Canary Beck has done a great research piece on whether or not Second Life’s reputation is that of a home for sexual perverts or not. Her research provides objective data on how Second Life™ is perceived by the Google Search Engine, which is about as objective a source as one can find.

See: Should We Worry That Outsiders Associate Second Life With Adult Content?

Girls with attitude

Girls with attitude by Cherry mood, on Flickr

The short answer is, no. The research and proof is rather convincing, but not totally definitive. It is the best I’ve seen to date. I think it is worth a read and it got me thinking. As you read you’ll be exposed to the concepts of confirmation bias and illusory correlation as a possible explanation for why some believe Second Life has a reputation problem. Continue reading

Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

Someone got the idea to run a poll of which sex is more fun, RL or SL/Virtual sex. RL won, no surprise there. But, 36% thought Second Life™ sex was more fun… hummm.

On a side note: It is the owner of Basilique, the place where the Lindens are doing their meet up today, that conducted the study: Canary Beck.

Maria Korolov posted a link to a recent study of sex in SL in her: Survey: virtual sex less fun, but more liberated.

The full study she refers to is here:  Second Life sex versus real life sex. It is long and well worth reading. I touch on JUST the parts I found really interesting.

Goddess Xita

Goddess Xita by Alice DiXita, on Flickr

No surprise, they found in a 2012 study and this recent study that sexual practices in Real Life and Second Life differ. So, you are not the only one that is more kinky in SL than RL.  Continue reading

Xcite Releases X4 Genitals in Second Life

Sex is part of the fun in Second Life. Many think it is just the naughty part and way strange. I suppose they have never understood phone sex either. Whatever the case, those that have figured out sex can be fun have an interest in the various brands of genitals. Xcite is probably the top of the line in genitals and they have just released a new line of private parts. Several of the changes are noteworthy as they mark changes in SL technology and while they can apply to other aspects of SL, they make this a new system.

Copy Enabled – Replacements

A new feature of this release is the parts are Copy enabled. One can make copies of genital parts and the hud. This reduces the chance of an SL glitch vaporizing your parts and leaving you anatomically incomplete. No copy items have been an SL problem for some time.  Continue reading