Second Life: AFK Sex Thing Update

This AFK Sex Thing is a definite growth industry in SL. For many it is controversial. Some feel it is changing SL from a social app to a quick stop orgasm shop. Whatever the case, there are more AFK shops than when I last looked.

There are trends apparent in the shops now. Some are dead… no clients, no workers. These tend to be ‘park your AV here’ places with few requirements and moderate effort put into building the place or publicizing it. Others are jam packed and tend to be well built, advertised, and cater to clients… better customer service (no pun). They have more rules and offer more … services? And the owners have obviously been thinking about how to make things work for the customer and workers.

Sleeping Beauty AFK Sex

The percent paid the works has an influence on whether workers want to be there. But, it is the shop’s requirements for what workers they will accept that may make the big difference. The busy ones seem to require all mesh avatars, which tends to make them way better looking.

The payment thing is changing. In some places failing to tip will result in a region ban. In other places payment is before services are rendered with additional charges up front for live RP. A tip-before-you-sit mentality.

A number of places have two avatars per bed waiting for a client. WoooHoooo…

Popular now are the attachments that some wear allowing you to move their avatar from porch to shower to bed …. to whatever toys are in the house/room/dungeon. These are RLV ‘Force Me To Sit‘ attachments by [SinTec] (L$499) and Supekuta’s unuseful thingies (L$250).

Sleeping Beauty – Closing the Deal

Also popular are a list of the avatar’s …attributes… in SL jargon it is more realistically a list of attachments. Code 5 spankers are way popular. As is the It’s Not Mine (URL – NSFW) system, which is unique in so many ways in its catering to males and females pride and shame emotions… I suppose that is why they make hard to get off… ummm… that doesn’t sound right… remove.

Other places are mixed zoning, meaning combination nude beach, free sex place, and AFK sex places.

Jessica on her website Jessica’s Diary has an article, UPDATED 1/2018: TOP 10 MOST POPULAR SEX PLACES IN SECOND LIFE. The top place being an AFK sex place. However, when I went looking I found way more people in places other than the AFK spots. oRgAsMs remains the consistently most visited and populated.

However, as I write this today there are 35 avatars in the Tribe region. But, all but a couple are the working girls. Few customers.

We have no hard data on how AFK Sex shops are doing or their effect on SL. People are spouting their opinions like they actually know something. Which seems common in this fake news and guilty-until-proven-innocent era.

3 thoughts on “Second Life: AFK Sex Thing Update

  1. A friend just opened a club, it maxed out at 15 avatars because of an afk sex club on the same sim taking up all the slots available. That sucks big time.

    • You can file an Abuse Report for the overuse of resources. The Lindens will do something if they are using more than their share.

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