Second Life’s Necronom VI in Video

I tried taking pictures of Necronom VI (NVI). But, the lighting is often animated, which doesn’t show up in the still images. So, Saturday I took some time to make what I think was a last visit to NVI and take some video. I’m not a machinamist… or even that experienced with FRAPS. So, I forgot to turn off the cursor for most of the video. But, I think I caught enough to show what NVI was/is like.

This video is uploaded in 720p format. That means it looks best in the default YouTube viewer or smaller, not full screen… over 1024. 

I tried using the SL Viewer and Firestorm for making the video recordings with FRAPS. There is no comparison. Firestorm is the choice hands down. The camera and photo tools make life SOOoooo much easier. I also think I’ll get a SpaceNavigator… the tutorials on machinima showing how to use it make it look way easier than using a mouse. I kinda got by.

This morning the Desperation Andromeda region holding NVI is still up. Lexbot Sinister is shown as Oni Horan’s partner. Lexbot confirmed NVI is closing, but when is uncertain.

The Space Colony Necronom VI group have about 4,000 members but there are no announcements there or in the Logos Cards’ group.

The Logos Collectable Card game is based in the same region but here: Desperation Andromeda – Logos. Within NVI there was the Nemit HUD used for playing the missions, an alternative something to do than RP in the region. I think this was an idea to hold people in the region by giving them something competitive to do. With people in region there is more chance for people getting into RP.

There is a little discussion of the closing over on SLUniverse, see: Necronom VI Space Colony going offline.


Of course I had to dress the part to visit and film in NVI. I’m not sure the people into RP in NVI would have agreed that my dress was appropriate. But, I like it.

Outfit from ELIXIR Complex: HEXBlade
Shoes by: !Drakke! “Strapped” Ankle Boots
Tatoo: Haraiki Tribals — Patience —
Hands by: Slink
Hair: Magika [Hair M] Today
Eyelashes:  CornerPointed *REDGRAVE*
Shape: by me
Skin: *YS&YS* Ashanti
Eyes: by me.

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