#SL Damage Control

I heard someone talking about MetaReality having new information from Qarl on the Mesh Deformer Project. So, off I go to listen to it, an hour and 20 minute audio. This one is titled Damage Control, which inspired my title… just in case… never mind.

Well… there is new discussion about the Deformer Drama… but not much on the actual Deformer, nothing that I haven’t already covered. Since I have my notes from the listen I’ll publish them.

Again the time marks are approximate. The descriptions are my take away from the listen. Any resemblance to what is actually in the audio is more than coincidental. Any actual quoting is improbable. But, I did try to convey the ideas expressed in the audio tape.

Audio Indexed

02:00 Coverage starts on the Mesh Deformer drama. They get into the idea of the Lab’s need for specially built mesh items and Oz’s somewhat attempted manipulation of the community to get them. It moves on to communications issues. The major problem identified, according to the MetaReality cast, is the lack of a developers’ communication channel, which would be way hard to deny.

12:00 Valiant Westland gives a good description of what should have happened. Gianna Borgnine follows up with a thrash of what did happen. Her perception of the issues and the SL users is pretty much right on. While I doubt everyone that assigns motives to others her ‘shoulds’ as to what should have happened and how things should work from the Lab’s side are something most of us can agree on. So, while this is long and a bit chaotic it’s worth the listen.

Basically, Valiant says an email should have been sent to the major mesh developers asking for help and explaining what was needed and why. That probably would have produced great results. We don’t know that, but I wouldn’t bet a penny at 100,000 to 1 odds against it.

Gianna and Qarl are pretty much in agreement. The discussion covers how the Lab could do things better. Qarl has his deity theory but didn’t go into it, which is probably a good thing.

This segment of the audio runs to about 21:00.

I’ll remind people that there is still a huge amount of information we do not have. So, assigning motives, speculating on the whys and the intentions is more about the projection of the speakers than the subjects being discussed. That is the nature of speculation.

21:00 They discuss the SecondLife.com domain name having expired and taken SL down… or may be just the SL web sites. Then there is the messaging to the community of a renewal period of just one year. Again this is all speculation. Other than it demonstrating the Lab does not communicate well or understand PR, there isn’t much we can take away, other than the MetaReality crew thinks the Lab is nuts… which may be an understatement on the Meta crew’s part.

36:00 Discussion turns to Second Life down time, which quickly turns to more discussion to the Lab’s communication habits and skills… or lack of.

40:00 Discussion turns to Botgirl’s What If Rod Was One Of Us. The audio includes the audio of the song.

44:00 Discussion moves into mobile/tablet type SL. There are some IMVU comparisons.

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