Metareality Week 41

Another summary of a Metareality podcast. This week the title is: Build a Bridge, which is a sin from Patterns, Linde Lab’s new game.

Metareality Podcasts

The summary is more of an index than I usually make. This is a fun podcast to listen to.

01:15 – Damien Fate – clowning around intro.

02:00 – Minecraft – Is Minecraft or SL better? A huge number of people like Minecraft better.

03:00 – Drax survey of 10 year old Minecraft users.

04:47 – Gianna does have some people from Minecraft now willing to come on the show.

06:00 – Karl didn’t get any art work for Disgruntled Frogs… its back to joke status. Send him some art work and turn it around.

07:15 – Gianna is not confirmed as the most hated person in SL for recommending a polygon limit on avatars.

08:00 – Cloud Party – Max Graf mostly making clothes for Cloud Party. Standard and Hi-Def clothes are part of the polygon limits in CP.

09:00 – Drax on immediate interest for retaining users.

11:00 – Karl on hi-poly mesh and lag complaints.

12:00 – Damien on poly limits.

13:00 – Easy is not always best. Deformer people complaining about automatic weight painting not solving all their problems.

16:45 – Second Life™ an unlimited environment.

17:15 – Patterns

18:00 – Nacho Guy – Doritos Guy – Young kids didn’t see the little guy as a problem. Many SL peeps want to change Doritos Guy and don’t like him.

22:00 – Patterns Drax, Damien using some of the same ideas from Patterns starting out process in SL for new users.

24:00 – Cloud Part tutorial and Patterns intro not the same. Patterns better.

26:00 – Drax asking Damian how he explains SL and his take on the SL stigma. (27:30 answer start)

29:00 – Drax about WoW and SL.

30:00 – Gianna embarrassed about Second Life.

31:00 – Back to Patterns: Seems cool but not currently something to play all the time.

35:00 – Minecraft people were complaining about the Patterns textures.

38:00 – Discussion about Patterns Shape Forge.

41:00 – Long term prospects for Patterns.

42:00 – Lots of people cannot find Patterns on Steam. One has to buy it on the Linden site then go to Steam.

42:30 – Buzz on Patterns.

46:00 – Patterns electricity source? I think a scripting thing… very nerdy.

48:30 – Putting excitement/enthusiasm back in Linden Lab’s products.

49:00 – Pathfinding

50:30 – Communications problems

53:00 – What You Might Look Like Playing Videogames Very Soon

55:00 – Back to excitement discussion.

01:00:00 – Comparing Vale and Linden Lab styles.

01:03:00 – Dan Pink – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

01:04:30 – Plea to a “copybotting” Second Life resident

01:06:00 – Drax on IP Property… Karl on theft… Gianna on two types of copybot; for resale and for personal use…

01:10:00 – Supreme Court to Revisit ‘First-Sale’ Copyright Doctrine

01:11:00 – Facebook’s First Ad Campaign – Parody of bad marketing… Nothing tech in the whole promotion.

01:17:50 – Coke’s New Campaign – Dancing for free Cokes. You have to see this.

1:20:00 – Burger King Campaign for free burger for Unfriending someone on Facebook… you have to hear the audio…

01:22:00 – Send Karl frog art.

01:23:20 – Damien Fate’s stuff and Botanical. Damien’s Halloween Goodies and see Damien’s FATEisland.

01:25:20 – Drax encourages you to visit: Cica Ghost’s Black And White World.

01:27:00 – Visit PODCAST AWARDS and nominate Metareality in the tech category.

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