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MetaReality has this week’s podcast out. Salome Strangelove and Karl Stiefvater (Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden) are guests in this week’s edition.

Metareality Podcasts

I’ll remind you this is not a transcript of the podcast. This my take on what I heard said and relationship between what I heard to what was meant by the speakers is purely coincidental… well… may be not. I try to convey the meaning of what is said. If you find anything offensive or upsetting, listen to the audio before raving.

Oo:Oo – Introductions

01:30 – Discussion with Salome.

02:50 – SLCC Cancelled discussion. Avacon planned and hosted SLCC for the last two years. The people behind Avacon have been involved in SLCC for more than 2 years. The Lab was providing funding on the order of 10k to 15k and remainder came from ticket sales and other sources totaling about US$40K per event.

The Fleep post they refer to is this one: Personal Perspective: The End of the Second Life Community Convention

06:00 – Salome picks up on how Linden Lab is relating to SLCC and the community.

07:00 – Form the Lab the ‘unofficial’ word is there were multiple reasons for not participating in SLCC.

08:45 – The Lab should be the Lab abd the community should be the community and they should have SOME distance between them.

09:45 – Gianna and I both appear to look forward to the Lab’s announcement of future directions and the speech by the current CEO.

10:30 – Salome talks about what musicians are doing to have their own get togethers.

13:00 – Wackadoodles – just email Karl…

13:50 – Stalkers and Psychos – This is a discussion about an article on avatar rights and privacy. This is an important read for many reasons. We also need more members of the community participating in dealing with some of the issues discussed.

18:00 – Add an off-line ability – Salome discusses the reasons this feature is needed.

21:00 – Hush/Curio Legal Status – 21:30 – Salome explains. This discussion is likely the most objective review of what is happening in this DMCA case of abuse. There is hard evidence to prove which person is being honest. If you have not realized why this RL legal case goes beyond just drama in SL, please… please read and/or listen to Salome.

Also, get your little self down to the One Voice event and buy lots of stuff or donate. There is also an Indiegogo site for donations. Sorry I won’t take the time to chase down the links, maybe later. Please donate.

30:00 – Gianna would like for some RL attorneys to come on Metareality. There is some thought that it is not the Lab’s legal responsibility to take down Gala’s stores and products until a case is actually decided. We could use some RL counsel to understand these issues.

35:00 – Discussion on the obvious planning by Hush to mount a war against Gala.

42:00 – Mesh Deformer discussion starts.

Karl’s telling us he is actually now waiting on the Lab to answer his questions. He had questions in, waited a couple of weeks, poked them, got the impression they has lost track of the discussion, has waited another couple of weeks and has (will?) poke them again.


47:00 – Rebellion, what would happen? Salome asks why we pay attention to the Lab’s demands that viewers conform to their direction. Worth listening to.

49:30 – The leak on the new Linden product Patterns.

51:00 – Virtual world in text… Dio… … … … omg I am so underwhelmed…

54:00 – Discussion on whether SL failed… sort of… mostly about how SL can be used for marketing RL products.

58:00 – RFL & One Voice – Support them

1:00:00 – Salome’s blog – worth listening to this part of the discussion. It gets into the attitudes of bloggers and people in SL and what is in Salome’s blog.

1:03:50 – Gianna’s picture make SL Pic of the Day. Congrates!

1:04:30 – Gianna raising/training seeing-eye dogs. Yes, real life.

1:08:00 – Penny’s Town Walk & Sponsors


We have a continual back and forth between the Lab and Karl as to who is doing what and who is waiting on who. I suspect that will continue and remain a he said they said. Whatever the case, the concern with Karl waiting on a consensus is done and over with. I hope my prompting at the Content Improvement group and polls here helped.

Karl is currently sorting out whether he can use multiple base shapes with the deformer. On the Lab’s side they have to tell him of there is room in the data structure to save the additional information. Until the Lab answers that question a decision on how to proceed with the Deformer cannot be made by Karl.

Hopefully we will see some movement.

DMCA Abuse

In the drama swirling around the Hush/Curio dispute we have some solid facts now. In the court of public opinion there is little if any room for debate. Read Salome’s article where she researched the facts and provides evidence I see as irrefutable. The time lines and watermarks literally destroy Hush’s case. I hope the information will make the RL court case easier.

One thing humans seem to want to avoid, or at least a significant portion of us, is to think poorly of other people. If we are stand-up-people and have respect for others, it is natural to think others are the same. Unfortunately there are malicious, self-centered people that will use whatever means to attain their goals. In some cases I say it devolves to the level of literal evil. Is a serial killer evil or sick? More importantly is there any real difference? If you are the victim, I think not.

This case is important to all of us. It shows that a person can lie, steal, misrepresent, and get RL life authorities to join in on their side to persecute the innocent. It shows people will with planning, forethought, and malicious intent will attack us for personal gain and/or other reasons. To fight these people is costly. Much of our legal process has become a process of intimidation by threatened legal costs. Attorneys move toward public office and arrange laws so that only legal professionals can understand them and navigate them. Things are a mess. The Hush/Curio event is one where we can easily take a stand and come together to protect the innocent.

Vigilante actions are as bad as the initial crime. While tempting, stay on a higher level and show some integrity and principled behavior.

Script Limits

There is an issue with One Voice. The region has a robot that checks people’s script weight and kicks them if they are FAT. Sorry. I think this is a good thing and I think some of the implementation is just wrong.

People do get kicked with no warning in some cases. That is not right, IMO. Telling people way they are being ejected is important.

I do have a script weight scale next to my pose stand. Once I’m dressed I check my script weight before going out. There are times when I am over the 3mb suggested script max weight. It is my choice to do that. That is freedom.

On the other side of the coin, it is a region owners right to say that is too much and eject me. That is there freedom. I understand that. I am not forced to be in their region and they are not forced to allow my script fat butt in their region. I can reduce my script weight and visit the region if I so choose.

Some people insist on wearing a ton of scripts. I understand. I insist on wearing my hair. I draw a line when I have to take off my hair. That is my choice. I may be upset with the region owner or event promoter. I vote by attending or not rather than trying to force new laws to make them let me do as I please, what I see as my freedom at their expense. If enough people don’t go to their no-hair event or no-script events, they may change. I can hope. But, keeping our freedom as individuals without consideration of class (resident vs region owner) is the more important consideration.

Salome is making a list of the various vendors participating in One Voice. See: One Voice Directory. Most participants have the same offers available in their shops. So, you can get the deals and still wear your fat script stuff into their shops. You can get the deals and avoid the script hassle at One Voice.

I think that is highly accommodating of those supporting Gala. I would have just ejected your script fat butt and let you do without. So, those participating and contributing to the One Voice event probably do have more nobility and consideration than I. Good for them. Be sure to thank them.

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