Metareality Week 39

This week we get a new Metareality podcast titled: Disgruntled Frogs. This video is from Drax and I think discussed at 1:02:00.


As always, this is a summary and my take on what I heard in the podcast. Any relationship between what I write and what was on the audio is likely just a coincidence. Enjoy.

01:10 – Yoz Linden has left or been laid off from Linden Lab. Nicest Linden Drax has met.

06:10 – Malcolm Dunne is new CFO.

07:30 – New Linden Lab products. Gianna was getting hate mail from Minecraft users. Good email from a Minecraft/Second Life player explaining the attraction of Minecraft. Karl’s pirate ship touched on. Lots of good points about Minecraft and similar games discussed.

12:30 – Tech It Minecraft Mod – Geenz Spad

15:13 – Limiting creation abilities in the previous week carries into this week. But, no one from Minecraft can explain why limiting the pallet is part of the attraction to Minecraft or why it does not matter.

16:30 – Karl’s question to Minecraft users… he is being wiseassed (I mean that in a good way) and asking a pertinent question.

17:15 – Check out the comments on last week’s Metareality podcast to see some of the responses.

19:20 – Disgruntled Frogs – (This is a spin on Angry Birds) There is no way I can relate this part of the audio and do it justice. Listen to Drax and Karl talk about a game they are considering making in Second Life.

21:00 – SL, CreatorVerse, and Patterns introductory videos.

26:30 – Secret source says SL video was done in house and put out for the Steam gaming crowd.

32:15 – Inviting Steam players can’t hurt…

34:00 – Back on Disgruntled Frogs (see Facebook)

36:00 – Being original, copy-catting, or reinventing the wheel? – A Gwyneth Llewelyn article. Podcast gives the short summary about the article discussing originality and stuff regarding the new product releases. Gwyneth’s articles are always interesting, and they are generally longer than mine…

38:30 – Update on Materials system by Geenz Spad. You need to be a bit on the techie side to understand what they are saying. We are expecting an ETA of 3 to 4 months… which is a guess on my part not Geenz admitting anything.

42:30 – Mesh Deformer update by Karl – Yay! I got compliments. They mostly refer you back to me. Karl is reiterating in the discussion that he believes he is done.

46:00 – Mac, you have to give up your frizzby.  Another one of the things you have to hear to do it justice.

47:14 – Could residents buy Second Life? Discussion. Metaverse, democracy projects, cost… turning SL into democratically run controlling ownership.

Self government – One of the things people tend to forget about democracies is that they don’t work. Be sure you understand what a democracy is: Wikipedia. Athens was the first city-state in which a democracy was conceived (508-507 BCE). Only citizens that could/would fight in wars were considered eligible to vote. Even then they understood the idea of cake and circuses. The concept is if your life was at risk, you would make carefully considered decisions and vote wisely.

The general form of democracy people seem to think of today is equal to mob rule, one man one vote and the only requirement to vote is existence. After several centuries people learned that a representative government in which the people selected the representatives by popular vote worked well enough to survive.  Usually the representatives picked the top leaders. (16th–17th centuries)

The more control the masses have the more minorities get oppressed. When everyone can vote; democracies and republics tend to fall apart. There is some balance point between direct control by all the people that has to balance against control by representatives and leaders.

The Federalist Papers are the best explanation of the balance of power problems that must be solved to create a workable government. Far too few of the SL residents know enough history and political theory to be able to form a workable government for SL.

So, I am against the idea of the residents buying out the Lab.

54:30 – Packers fan – The ref’s bad call. Packers only fan owned team in sports. It seems to have worked out well.

58:00 – Closing thoughts – Another One Rides the Bus – Done in Gary’s Mod. See the video below.

59:30 – Exodus update by Geenz.

1:00:20 – Drax has a machinima coming out that was made on Exodus. Gianna confirms Drax is an idiot that doesn’t know how to use Exodus…  I guess we have to wait for the video to see if he does or doesn’t.

I think this is the video: Flufee on a Meshion – Episode 15: Flufee for Resident! (Video at top of article.) I’m not sure this is the video discussed in the podcast. But it is new (9/28). It is also obvious Drax is talented. I would say he knows what he is doing… but Gianna may have seen him using a viewer…

1:02:00 – FATEcreate has released their mesh templates source files.


If you have not listened to the podcasts in the past, you cannot get a sense of the content of the podcast from my summary. Text won’t convey the humor and sarcasm and other nuances without some labeling. Bare words are often give a more harsh message than the voice. Rather than my attempting to interpret the nuances I recommend you listen to the audio.

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