Metareality – Where are you?

It has been almost two months since we heard anything out of Metareality, Gianna Borgnine. No podcasts and no Plurks. So, what’s up?

Metareality Podcasts

Draxtor™ Despres just yesterday sent me a notice that Flufee episode 17 was out. If you have been reading you saw me post it here. Whatever, he is on the Metareality podcast shows. So, I asked him, what’s up?

He says Gianna is ‘splendid’ just busy. The broadcast team is working on lots of intense projects. I think that is going around. I’ve got two big tutorials in the works. Darrius just got his Virtual Land Marks our the door. Geenz is busy with the materials system. So, it figures Gianna and her Sand Castles studio would have things in the works. And we all know Karl has to do that Angry Frogs thing and Christmas is getting close.

No ETA for a return of the podcasts.

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