Ebbe and Lab Chat

Discussion continues to cover the various possibilities and time lines.

Ebbe sees it taking a year to two years to get things where MOST Second Life users would be able to do all they do in SL. The reason for that thinking seems to be the complexity of building in Sansar. SL has decades of user content and design. So, many users depend on existing rental and vending systems. It will take some time for those types of things to be user built in Sansar.



Sansar is not going to be 100% complete on day-one. By June 2016 the Beta should be allowing a good number of users in. Sansar should be GENERALLY open in late 2016.

38:50 – Hyper-gridding.  Will we get a place where all What’s Up With Sansar questions can be asked?

Ebbe explains that for the next 3 months they have good detailed information on what they are working on in Sansar. From 3 to 6 months out they have a pretty good idea and some detail. From 6 to 9 months it is getting fuzzy. They believe they have a direction, but what they do in the preceding 6 months can shift that. So, they have a hard enough time keeping their selves informed internally.

Ebbe thinks a simple document (think FAQ) that is always up to date and accurate is way too complex to do. While he has been and says he will answer questions when asked, some answers and details haven’t been decided. So, I hear him saying there won’t be a place for questions and detailed answers like the SL Wiki provides, at least for some time.

Jo pushed on this one and Ebbe agreed a good high level FAQ would be a good thing and will see about getting that done. So, we will have a place where those things that have been decided can be posted. Thus avoiding repeatedly answering the same question over and over. For instance, the scripting language of Sansar will be C#.

42:55 – Looking out 3 or 4 years  will Sansar be a world or numerous worlds we can ‘hyper-grid’ through? The question actually asked is long. 25+ seconds.

Ebbe is not optimistic about hyper-grid jumping from platform to platform (think like SL to OSGrid). Try jumping from Facebook to Google+ and carrying your ID from one to the other. It just isn’t done. In OpenSim the Hypergrid has major security risks… that is what I keep hearing.

So for now, no. May be in the future.

Whether Sansar will be one world or many Ebbe asks what makes one world? Is it the map? Being able to teleport from one place to another? Ebbe says they will be providing those options to the Sansar experience developers.

46:00 – Will there be a map? Ebbe says they are thinking less that way for Sansar. Thinking more about how to make individual developers more successful. But, interconnection will be extensively possible. The real effort is going toward how to get people to an experience in Sansar. I supoose think the Destination Guide for SL or Steam’s game catalog.

Jo makes the analogy of individuals building their parts of a 1920’s Europe. She would build Berlin and others would build other countries or cities.

Ebbe points out that he sees land barons, fashion designers and others being successful in SL. But, not experience developers. So, they are working to make experiences more successful.

50:00 – Will Sansar have a map? That is a lesser priority. Thinking is more toward a themed thing than mapped land. See 46:00.

51:25 – Ebbe says they say ‘EXPERIENCE’ rather than ‘worlds’ because in a VR virtual world it is far more an experience than it is an app, game, or world.

51:54 – Abandoned Land – Is the Lab going to merge abandoned land and move the one or two lonely residents of a mostly empty region to more populous regions? Can there be auto-return on abandon land?

There are no plans to merge abandon land. No way to do auto-return on abandon land. No change in the Lab’s abandoned land policy.

53:22 – Can abandon land be offered to neighbors first? Patch Linden says they do that now.

54: 15 – What can Linden Lab do to encourage SL developers and move them toward Sansar?

Ebbe asks how does one defines success for SL users. Discussion here is mostly about helping developers and a recap of a lot of what’s already been said.

57:10 – Will the Lab advertise and promote SL after Sansar opens? Yes. In the beginning the Lab will focus on acquiring developers for Sansar. So, they are targeting a group different from SL. Budget, Ebbe hasn’t decided. Too early to know.

59:00 – Name for Sansar. Lab is down to a short list. Should have it soon. Maybe this year…

1:02:10 – What programming language will Sansar use? C#, use Visual Studio… Linden Scripting Language will not be supported in Sansar. Ebbe expects someone will write a converter, but not the Lab.

01:04:00 – Will the Lab provide promotional tools like Steam does, to attract  users to their experience? Yes. Each experience is planned to have its own landing web page.

01:06:25 – What about mirrors in SL or Sansar? Ebbe doesn’t know. A mirror is a techincally complex thing to do. Sansar’s render engine will have more capability than SL’s. It is currently in re-write, again.

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