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Sansar will permit developers to make their own experiences much easier. (16:50) The thing is the Lab can’t be experts on all the various experiences people enjoy. The developers making experiences will likely better know and understand their audiences.

lost eden

lost eden

When you listen to people talk about SL one of the biggest and most difficult problems is getting people to the experience they are interested in or may like. So, Sansar will allow experience builders and gateway operators in SL to promote their experience and deliver their users/signups into their respective experiences. For both SL and Sansar this is expected to increases user retention.

Developer control allows them to target their audience and build their own web sites, which allows them to control their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is all about where your site listing comes up in Google/Yahoo/Bing search on pertinent keywords.

In a situation where the Lab tries to get good search position on all the various keywords they run into a SEO problem known as ‘dilution’. A dilution example is a web site is promoting locks, another keys, and another locks and keys. A person searching for a lock will typically see the site just promoting locks first. The site promoting locks and keys will come up AFTER all the lock shops because Google thinks a lock only site is a better match for the search. (that isn’t an absolute) A lock and key site is a dilution of the term lock. Of course key in Google searchdom is not a match. (The tech is much more complex than that and Google AI is working toward understanding that locks and keys go together.)

17:00 – Straighten out SLURL’s – Ebbe says they are working on a project to fix SLURL’s.  As it is now getting people into an experience in SL via a SLURL has a low probability of actually getting a new person there. They get lost in sign up, download, Welcome Island, etc…

The current project should make it possible to more easily get people to a SL (and I suppose Sansar) experience.

Ebbe thinks with the new Welcome and Learning islands they can do a better job of figuring out what people are doing. With that knowledge they can then figure out how to better get people to the things they are interested in.

19:20 – Firestorm opened a gateway. When will the Lab announce the gateway program? Canary summarizes this section well. But, as to when they will make an announcement, it depends on when they think the API they use is working well. Most of that concern is in regard to personal-information collection of sigh ups. So, maybe a couple of months.

The Lab will work with those they believe can attract a significant number of new users. As Ebbe says, it doesn’t make sense to work with a thousand gateway owners that only bring in one new user per year… or something along that line. It doesn’t say running gateways will be limited to just those the Lab believes in. But, that may be the case. I suspect for now even the Lab is unsure how all this will work. Ebbe hopes they can let lots of people run gateways, but it depends on how much work each gateway puts on the Lab.

25:00 – New Market Place. Well selling promoted products are getting lost in the Beta Market Place. When will that be fixed?

The Lab is working on it. It currently is a beta. Ebbe doesn’t know how long it will take. Ebbe didn’t know how users are to provide feedback to the MP Development team. (Link is now in the SL Forum thread for Lab Chat.)

There is a new search engine, which is the beta MP..

XStreet code has now been fully removed.

28:30 – How will the Lab avoid SL and Sansar sabotaging each other?

Cannary thought the word sabotage should have been cannibalizing. I agree it makes more sense. But, I think the question arose from concern about whether the Sansar and SL teams were going to be competitive as separate businesses often are. Or it may just have been an English as second  language thing. Ebbe sees both the Sansar and SL development teams as being Lindens and having allegiance to Linden Lab, no sabotage. So, I take what he was saying as first skimming over  sabotage and then answering about the concern of Sansar cannibalizing SL.

31:00 Cannibalization thing… Ebbe agrees that is a real possibility. But, eventually some new virtual world will suck users from SL. Lindens think it better the Lab cannibalize users from SL into Sansar and keep them in a Lab property.

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