Second Life: Moo-ish Opinions

Penny Patton often writes about getting the best experience in Second Life™ (SL). Smaller textures, fewer polygons, to scale building, RL sized avatars, and more. Penny also participates in the SL Forum. There she is often misunderstood as evidenced by people mis-phrasing her positions. So, she wrote The Penny FAQ to keep the record straight.

Size Comparison

Penny is what I would call a Second Life Technical Conservationist. Her political position comes across as Libertarian, Lazier-Fair. So, letting people do what they want without a lot of fascist rule enforcement seems to be her usual position, at least of those I’ve seen. It’s an education versus dominance stance.

YouTube Gaming and Second Life

If you are wondering what YouTube Gaming is, click over to Ciaran Laval’s blog and see: YouTube Gaming Launches And Second Life Has Its Own Channel. The short explanation is this is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Twitch… and if you don’t know what Twitch is… well… you are hopelessly sheltered. To pop your bubble… Twitch is a site that allows gamers to stream their game play. People can watch a video stream of a person, in-game, playing in almost (?) real time.

The recent news is Jimmy Kimmel thought it was a funny idea and made fun of YouTube Gaming. As they point out, considering how poorly TV is doing these day he hasn’t much room to talk. But, I thought the video funny.  Continue reading

Flickr Feeds for Second Life

Hamlet has an article about finding the best of Second Life™ on social media. See: What Are Your Favorite Second Life-Themed Flickr Feeds? Hamlet is ‘besotted’ by the images of Lemon Panda of Second Life home interiors. Add your favorite feed to the comments in the first link.

Simple Elegance Office/Show Studio

Simple Elegance Office/Show Studio by Lemon Panda, on Flickr

Hamlet is interested in feeds people like. He asks for widgets that people use to show off various Flickr  feeds. Feeds… hmmmm. I have various sites feeding into my Feedly reader. But, what feeds can one take directly from Flickr? About a zillion… and that is just those related to Second Life. but Flickr feeds are not intuitive and I don’t see a feed button.

Flickr HELP is out of date, referring to a button at the bottom right of the page. No… I don’t see a RSS or Subscribe button. Some of the pages I would want to subscribe to have no bottom…   Continue reading

Second Life Web Profile Features

You probably know by now that an avatar’s in-world profile and web profile are the same web page. You may not have realized people see different presentations of you profile depending on your profile’s settings and whether they are logged into SL or not. You also may not have noticed that the avatar profile system is getting more features. Opensource Obscure has an interesting post listing features that people are interested in.

Current list of suggestions for web profiles feeds /

Web Profile as Seen by Public

There are several feature requests and bug reports that Obscure links to. If you are interested in those, click VOTE and WATCH. Clicking WATCH is the more import click, if you want Linden Lab to place more priority on it.

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