Imprudence and Kokua Deciding…

Today a new post appeared on the Imprudence-Kokua Viewer site. It gives us some insight into what is going on with Imprudence & Kokua viewer development. From a users perspective it seems pretty well stalled to me. But, now we know what’s up and that some decision is going to be made. So, is this the end of Imprudence?


For a long time Imprudence was my viewer of choice for use on OSGrid. With the arrival of mesh that changed.

Imprudence was the viewer of choice for builders in OSGrid and Second Life. For many it still is. But, it is getting old and the team is going to have to decide if they can keep supporting it.


This is the newer follow on to Imprudence. It allowed the team to regroup and start from a fresh beginning. It was said this would be a viewer for OpenSim and the Aurora branches of the OpenSim grids.

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Imprudence-Kokua News

The head of the Imprudence-Kokua Viewer Project, Jacek Antonelli, is… retiring. He has posted an announcement to that effect in the Kokua and Imprudence blog. See: Moving On.

It is difficult to predict how the Kokua-Imprudence project will change after his departure. I am not involved in the inner circles of the team… or for that matter even in the outer circles. I’m just another fan of the Imprudence viewer. So, I can only speculate. My guesses would not even be well informed.

Whatever becomes of Kokua-Imprudence I wish Jacek Antonelli all the best and thanks for all the fish.

Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta 1 Release

Imprudence has released the first beta of Imprudence 1.4.0. This has been the Experimental version most of us have been using for some time. So, it doesn’t look any different than previous versions. However, this release represents a massive amount of effort.

If you are still using Imprudence 1.3, it is time to upgrade. If you are on Apple/Mac, there is still an image upload issue. Otherwise, there  are about a gazillion bug fixes and new features.


This viewer has no mesh support nor does it render mesh objects.


The series 2 viewer outfits are not supported. I simply never change clothes while using Imprudence. Changing clothes while in Imprudence seems to create problems for me. That may be an Imprudence/OpenSim thing.

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Imprudence Experimental Viewer 2011.4.2 Review

Imprudence has release a new version of their viewer, version 2011.04.02. They are still calling this an experimental version. I’m not sure that makes any difference at this point. This version has the ubiquitous bug fixes and some NEW FEATURES.

Download & Install

I noticed the announcement about an hour after it was posted. Trying to download the 35mb file was a problem. I was getting about 100k/sec download. I canceled and retried, still painfully slow. I got a copy of the SL Beta viewer (25mb) in about 5 seconds. So, it’s not my network. Slowly it improved, but not much. By the time you are reading this the rush should be over and you’ll have a faster download.

The install remains the same as previous versions. You have the option to associate SLURL’s with Imprudence.

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Imprudence 2011.03.20 Release Review

The Kokua-Imprudence team has a new Experimental release of the Imprudence Viewer out and ready for download. The big fix in this release is media features and voice. Lots of people have been running into voice problems. The team thinks the other big feature is media filters, the new feature everyone turns off…

Linux users will find new versions and more Ubuntu support.

Media Filter

If you don’t already know, cause you are …like living under a Geico insurance rock… RedZone was able to track users via IP Address by using fake media. This filter is somewhat like a firewall that allows you to stop the viewer from contacting selected URL’s. Once people use it they find the feature so annoying they turn it off. The annoyance comes from the popup popping every time you cross a parcel boundary to ask if it can contact the parcel’s media site.

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Imprudence Viewer Experimental Release 2011.03.11

The Imprudence team has just released a new version of the Imprudence Viewer. This is still 1.4 version of the viewer. The imprudence web site lists the changes and fixes and this version of the viewer. See: Imprudence Experimental Release

Download & Install

The download is about 35mb. The announcement warns that they have had some problems with this installer program. It worked for me. If you have a problem with the install see the fix on the Imprudence site.

This version has the option to associate SLURL’s with the Imprudence viewer, a nice touch. It is common to  find the SLURL’s associated with the last viewer installed. For more information on associating SLURL’s with a viewer see: Emerald Viewer vs SLURL

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Imprudence 1.3.1 Released

The Imprudence team has released an update of Imprudence 1.3.0 to 1.3.1. They say if you are a 1.3.0 user you should update. Those of us using the Experimental versions will have to wait. The team says a new version of the Experimental should be out end of next week.

This version does not have the features from the Experimental back ported. There is a list of the features added to 1.3.1 on the Imprudence site: Imprudence 1.3.1 Released

I use the Experimental, so once it’s new version is released I’ll check it out.

Imprudence/Kokua Update Week 6

Viewer Depression

Depression - Image by Sacks08 @ Flickr

Jacek Antonelli has posted another update about the Imprudence/Kokua viewers. Not much is happening. Nor is there likely much going to happen in February.  Seems current technical viewer problems have drained motivation. Additional administrative problems have further degraded motivation. So, in all… not much is happening.

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