Imprudence Viewer Experimental Release 2011.03.11

The Imprudence team has just released a new version of the Imprudence Viewer. This is still 1.4 version of the viewer. The imprudence web site lists the changes and fixes and this version of the viewer. See: Imprudence Experimental Release

Download & Install

The download is about 35mb. The announcement warns that they have had some problems with this installer program. It worked for me. If you have a problem with the install see the fix on the Imprudence site.

This version has the option to associate SLURL’s with the Imprudence viewer, a nice touch. It is common to  find the SLURL’s associated with the last viewer installed. For more information on associating SLURL’s with a viewer see: Emerald Viewer vs SLURL

I installed over the top of my previous version. Since I’ve only been using Imprudence on OSGrid, I did not even bother to clear the cache. Everything seemed to work ok.


My first try using the viewer was in OSGrid, which is where I use Imprudence the most. All seemed to work well. In the Tao region I was getting 40 to 55 FPS. Inventory loaded quickly. LightShare worked. Media is supposed to work. Mine would not in Write Plaza, but that could be a grid issue.

Tattoos are tintable in this version. I’ve never looked to see if they are tintable in the SLV’s.

Inventory seems to be ok and my appearance was as I expected it to be.

I logged out of OSGrid and cleared the cache. Then moved over to the SL grid where I got a warning that statistical packets are sent to Linden Lab every few minutes. Apparently this is something all TPV’s are required to do. It’s non-personal information. The Lab announced some time ago they would be adding the information to the viewers to gather statistical data to be used in improving SL. It tells them whether there changes are speeding things up or slowing them down.

In my cottage I was getting about 47 FPS. I popped over to Celtic Myst and once things were mostly downloaded I was getting 15 to 30 FPS. Complexity slows things down.


The viewer seems to be fine. I haven’t gotten to use it much yet. But for the little time I’ve had in it there were no problems. I hope to get to use it some more  this weekend.

One thought on “Imprudence Viewer Experimental Release 2011.03.11

  1. I am having problem with the audio stream it is showing on the white list but can’t hear anything. Is the a patch to fix this problem?

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