Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta 1 Release

Imprudence has released the first beta of Imprudence 1.4.0. This has been the Experimental version most of us have been using for some time. So, it doesn’t look any different than previous versions. However, this release represents a massive amount of effort.

If you are still using Imprudence 1.3, it is time to upgrade. If you are on Apple/Mac, there is still an image upload issue. Otherwise, there  are about a gazillion bug fixes and new features.


This viewer has no mesh support nor does it render mesh objects.


The series 2 viewer outfits are not supported. I simply never change clothes while using Imprudence. Changing clothes while in Imprudence seems to create problems for me. That may be an Imprudence/OpenSim thing.

Series 1 and 2

This is very much a series 1 viewer. It is probably the best series 1 viewer available. If you play on the OpenSim grids this is probably the best viewer to use. However, it probably has a short life in Second Life.

If you switch between series 1 and 2 viewers, you are likely to have problems. Stick with one or the other.


You can find an overview of the features in Imprudence 1.4.0 in the release announcement. See: Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 1 Released.

A few series 2 features have made it into this version.

The Release Notes fill about 10 screens. See: Imprudence:Release Notes/1.4.0.


I still think this is probably the best builder’s viewer available. I use it mostly for OSGrid. But, even there I am finding it has fallen behind what I need. I expect this to be a short lived viewer. Kokua will soon replace it.

Within weeks this viewer will be obsolete for use on the Second Life grid. We will see mesh released on the test regions (Release Channels) within a couple of weeks. The planned release date for mesh on the main grid is August.

While Linden Lab has said they will not block series 1 viewers, the services that support them are likely to be shut down. So, profiles, search, group chat, and other things are unlikely to work or we will see performance degrade.

My empirical evidence is from various dance clubs, beaches, and SL8B. I am mostly seeing Phoenix and SLV2 viewers in use in Second Life. I would guess about a third to half the people are using Phoenix and half to two thirds are using SLV2. Visit a sandbox and that ratio changes.

In OSGrid I would say about 90+% of the users are using Imprudence.

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