Second Life’s Persian Lesbian Club

The Persian Lesbian Club is changing. They are going straight… NOT. Don’t be gullible. But, they are changing membership control and access to the club. So, if you are a member or just a HAWT female and are curious, you better join now.

Dear Club Members,

Persian Lesbian Palace Club has changed a lot lately.

At the 1st of October CLUB PERSIAN LESBIAN PALACE will be a private club where you need to be a member to enter it!

Club Persian Lesbian Palace

To accommodate the new closed private club, we created a new group with an entry fee of L$ 250. Until 25th of October you will be given the opportunity to join this group for free!

On the 25th of October, the old PERSIAN LESBIAN CLUB group will be deleted.

So, tell all your friends and join the new CLUB PERSIAN LESBIAN PALACE [group] today!

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are convinced it will improve the Persian Experience for all of you!


With love,

The management team of Club Persian Lesbian Palace

The club is different. Not as elegant as previous builds, IMO.

Second Life – Are there Aliens Abducting Residents? – Adult

Don’t believe in UFO’s? This Second Life™ experience may change your mind. You most certainly will be abducted. To just jump into the experience, follow this link: Alien Abduction. If you search for it in SL Search look for Abducted by Aliens.


I’m not sure what it is about Earth women, but aliens are obsessed with us. That makes Abducted by Aliens a very adult sexual experience. So, while I have made this page SFW, if you jump to any images, they are probably NSFW.

The owner is a long time SL resident named Patrick Playfair.  He tells me, “My 13th SL birthday is July 19th, I started in 2004…” He is the current owner of Starbase Magellan, The Abducted by Aliens Experience, The Tunnels of Zandor and the Playfair Ranch (Patrick tells me the Ranch has been replaced but didn’t mention by what ).

Continue reading

May the Fourth be…

The date has become known as Star Wars Day as a take on the line from the movie, “May the force be with you.” Next is the Revenge of the Fifth, which is a take from the sequel (#3) Revenge of the Sith.

[ clique ] 050417 - May The Fourth Be With You

[ clique ] 050417 – May The Fourth Be With You

I didn’t realize a number of SL photographers celebrate the 4th with Star Wars inspired photography. Of course, anything like this has people from the adult community providing a range of images from tongue in cheek to total XXX porn imagery.  Continue reading

Second Life Adult: The Monarch Conspiracy

If you have been around Second Life™ for a year plus, you have probably started to recognize how the adult side of SL works. While often ‘adult’ is just a euphemism for sex, it does cover more than just sex. However, in the context of The Monarch Conspiracy (TMC), its use as denoting sex is… appropriate.

The Monarch Club

TMC is mostly a member only place. From time to time they open the mansion to everyone. But, it probably isn’t locked down as you may think from those sentences. The region is open to most everyone all the time but, they have 5-minute warning signs in various places. Of course, those are the places where people would get intimate. In those areas, you have five minutes to explore before they teleport you out. The 5-minute idea allows one to explore, test, and decide if they want to shell out L$ to join the group.  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2017 w09


It still isn’t open – 3/3 @ 11 AM SLT/PT.

Update – As many of you have noticed, the Community migration is taking a bit longer than planned. As you might imagine there’s a lot of complexity in the structure; and because we strive to preserve all of the KB, Blogs, Forums, Answers etc as they were, we’re being extra careful in verifying everything is in order. Linden Lab is actively engaged with the new provider to get the new site up and running as soon as possible. We know it’s a frustrating wait, and appreciate your patience during this disruption.
Mar 2, 14:58 PST

Hopefully they didn’t hire the same people that built the Obama-care sites. Since it is behind schedule, I would assume someone will be working on it this weekend. But, I doubt it will be open before Monday… if then.

Everheart 4

Everheart 4

Uber Event

The crowd at Uber (Maps URL) is thinning out. Today at 11:00 AM SLT/PT, there were only 30 people there. So, it is much easier to get in. Continue reading

Second Life: Adult Area – Bumrose Marina & Club

I bounce around Second Life™ looking for interesting adult places. I found one. A really interesting woman had The Bumrose Marina & Club for adults listed in her picks. I teleported there. Arriving, I thought it was a small half region island with lots of places for spontaneous romance, sex, surfing, swimming, and boating.

2017 – Pool in Eden Celebration

However, Bumrose is a full region and has a sister region. As you explore you find it goes on and on. Looking at the world map… yikes… it’s like a hundred regions (literally) hooking together a giant archipelago. It isn’t all Bumrose. Most of the regions’ cousins are part of the Fruit Islands Estate. (URL) Continue reading

Second Life Adult: Open Collar

PS: Taylor.p points out that 6.4 was released last May. 

Those playing with RLV will get notices that Open Collar has an update out, v6.4.0. Provided they have not turned off ‘notices’. The update is a bit different than other updates we deal with in Second Life™. The update will upgrade a range of RLV Relay attachments.

Back To Black

Back To Black

Oh, and it is free. There are more details on Open Collars “Update” page.  Continue reading

Second Life Adult: Not Intuitive

SexWe all have our thoughts and beliefs about sex. In Second Life™ we can push the envelope on our thinking. Plus, we encounter people from all over the world that have very different ideas about sex and the roles of male and female.

The Walk

The Walk

In SL I continue to find aspects of life I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, bloggers tend to write reviews of the previous year about now. It is interesting to be reminded of what changed this year. Caroline, of Second Life Adventures blog (NSFW), did a review of the 2016 events and happenings that affected her the most. There is a new meme. See: My Second Life Story in 2016 (NSFW XXX). Continue reading