Second Life Vagina: Sensations Clit

by Earalia Nolan L$590 – Mesh, rigged – Maitreya & Slink Phy-HG.

Sensations Nipple Rings L$525 – Mesh, Rigged – Slink Phy-HG


The demo pack arrives unpacked. Add the HUD and Clit and you are ready to flash the crowd with a complete genital.



Product Image: NSFW

The package is a clitoris and hood only. No labia and no open or close. There are extensive options in the HUD for coloring the hood and clit. There is a section of the HUD for saving your colorings.

The first interesting bit is in the HUD where you have choices as to who’s clit you control, yours, another’s, or they yours. Continue reading

Second Life: Simple Rigged Vagina III

by Glawio L$599 – Mesh, Rigged – Maitreya & Slink HG. Tested using Slink Hourglass.


First off, there is no HUD and there are no scripts. This is for looks only. Basically, the attachment adds protruding labia, 4 different sizes.



Product Image: NSFW

Other than saying it gives a ‘more’ realistic look… not much to be said.

The attachment is copy and mod OK, per the promo. The demo is no-mod. So, color change of the labia with the standard prim editing should be possible, provided the promo material is correct.

No script load.

ACI adds about 1.5k.

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Second Life Vagina: Pro Bento Vajayjay – v2.3

by Jordan Spring/A Lady’s Secret L$1,299 – Mesh Rigged – Maitreya only.


Unpack the demo and add the Pro Bento VaJayJay v2.3 – DEMO and one of the two HUDs, main and mini.

I thought, for a time, this was the ultimate in vaginas… as far as Bento and rigged mesh go. Also, it is probably the most realistic. But, not necessarily the best choice or most practical nor anatomically correct… position-wise.



Product Image: NSFW

What is realistic are the lips and the internal vagina. The lips are as we expect with the inner labia slightly extending past the outer labia. The vagina is a cave-like model being a bit of a tube inside the avatar. Unfortunately for the guys, it is an RL proportionately sized vagina. I mean those elephant-trunk-sized penises are NOT going to fit. Continue reading

And… the Vagina Playthings are… Vulva 4Plus

by Sking L$850 – 2019 – Mesh, Unrigged – All bodies. Tested using Slink Physique Original.


Add the demo pack to your avatar, it is a HUD that places the product in your inventory.

💕 [Rezz Room] & amara beauty 💕

💕 [Rezz Room] & amara beauty 💕

Product Image: NSFW – I can’t splash NSFW images in all the places this posting appears, so I am doing an NSFW link.

Add the vulva and you immediately get an annoying sound of breathing while humping. Once you get it turned off it stays off. So, turn it off and detach to have that sound off as the default.

Continue reading

Who has the best vagina?

I could be crude and get into a debate about which promiscuous woman… Sorry guys, but that’s not where I am going. This is very much a Second Life™ thing as it is an ‘equipment’ review. Where else would people discuss their options in vaginas? As in what theirs is going to be… and what it can do…

Teasing the Boys

Nal Teasing the Boys…

While once upon a time Xcite! Was the top of the line, no longer. The Xcite! X4 female vagina was last updated sometime in 2016. Sometime later a poster saying ‘X5 Coming Soon” appeared in the Xcite! Sales region. So, while I still occasionally use my Xcite! X4 parts and visit the Xcite! shop but not often. Mostly because of the massive script load. More about Xcite! later.

So, who is the best ‘virtual’ plastic surgeon building genitals these days? Is there anything new down there? I’ll provide some answers. But let’s frame some things. We have had Bento for a time and we are seeing it used in some of the new vaginas. Not particularly well IMO. Continue reading

What is the new SEX thing in Second Life?

One of the recent innovations is AFK sex workers. What is possible beyond that? Well, sex robots. Eliminates ALL labor costs. We now have animesh sex companions. I suppose I should have seen it coming.

You can see the first ones I’ve seen at Glawio’s region. These are not that well animated. There are a couple that are HOT and several that are just lame. There are a bunch of them.



I suspect this will give some scripters ideas and better robots will be made.

The tough part for sexbots is the animation and chat. Plus, they are passive. It will take some serious AI to get around the current limits.

Where is the Porn? Erotic? Just Sexy? A view from Second Life

Whether in RL or Second Life™ people are interested in beauty and beautiful things. I am of the opinion SEX and the sexy can be beautiful… gorgeous, and/or stimulatingly erotic. Sex can also be crude, vulgar, and/or violent. While often being an expression of caring or love, flipping the coin over we know it can also be devoid of any caring for another and totally about self-centered gratification and control.

Gallant: Spring Romance (Photo 4)

Gallant: Spring Romance (Photo 4)

Whatever the case, it is hard to classify art as either erotic or pornographic. Those issues rage worldwide. You can decide what is which. I don’t care how you decide. Just don’t load your opinions on me. I just want to see what I consider titillating erotic art. Preferably without gallons of dripping body fluids. But sometimes that is just what I want. Continue reading

More WILD Sex?

A couple of weeks back there was a splash in the SL blogosphere about the Ruckus Let’s Smash Couch. I wrote about it like 4 weeks ago. See: New Sex in Second Life? The remarkable part is the animations.


When answering a question in the forum about who is making good animations, I mentioned Ruckus. (Demo area Location NSFW – URL OK) Some of the people checked out the Let’s Smash Couch. Seems most were blown away. It is impressive.

Now there is a Ruckus Let’s Smash Bed… (MP URL SFW) Caroline (URL NSFW) at Second Life Adventures says it is better than the couch. You’ll find the demo in the Ruckus demo area. Every time I’ve been there someone is trying out the bed. Continue reading