Second Life Vaginas

There isn’t much to say about these brands of vaginas. So, I put them together.

~Valkyrian~ Ladies Treasures “Mesh Vagina” Lips by ☠️ DOMINUS ☠️ L$200 –


As best I can tell these are just vagina lips. No scripts.



::BW:: Pussy Xtra Premium by ::Body Works:: L$399 – Mesh, unrigged – Many bodies – No Demos – 2015?


This is another that has no demo that I find.

This looks to be a clit only add-on with a lot of features.


Janzoe Classic Vagina ultra-realistic pussy by janzoe designs L$295 – Unknown – All bodies – No Demos


And yet another with no demo. While advertised as ‘the most realistic’ I think this is from the days of prim genitals

Click Vagina to see all reviews in the series.

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