Second Life Vagina: Pro Bento Vajayjay – v2.3

by Jordan Spring/A Lady’s Secret L$1,299 – Mesh Rigged – Maitreya only.


Unpack the demo and add the Pro Bento VaJayJay v2.3 – DEMO and one of the two HUDs, main and mini.

I thought, for a time, this was the ultimate in vaginas… as far as Bento and rigged mesh go. Also, it is probably the most realistic. But, not necessarily the best choice or most practical nor anatomically correct… position-wise.



Product Image: NSFW

What is realistic are the lips and the internal vagina. The lips are as we expect with the inner labia slightly extending past the outer labia. The vagina is a cave-like model being a bit of a tube inside the avatar. Unfortunately for the guys, it is an RL proportionately sized vagina. I mean those elephant-trunk-sized penises are NOT going to fit.

This vagina is animated, which is sort of fun. But I consider it highly impractical and pointless. The animations are for intercourse and masturbation. But I see no way to get your partner’s motion synced with the vagina animations. The vagina is animated to simulate a penis entering and exiting, meaning opening and closing. There are 5 speeds of animation. While this is what happens in RL sex it isn’t the way SL sex actually works.

With masturbation, there is the problem of getting a hand or device in the right place… The basic animation size incongruities common across SL strike here too. But it is pretty realistic motion and the hand and pubic area are synced. It is just the usual animation position problem.

The openness of the vagina comes in 4 steps. The steps are animated. It is like opening the mouth. The opening process transitions from one position to the next. There is also a setting to adjust for hip-width. It is sort of a gap-between-the-legs adjustment.

This vagina has wet and shiny features. They are controlled in the Main HUD. As wetness is increased there is a point at which dripping cum is shown. Other than that I could see no change in the vagina appearance. But, that be me and my viewer.

The shiny feature affects all the vagina’s outer skin. It doesn’t transition to the edges of the vagina. All the vagina skin goes shiny, which will create an abrupt change where the body’s skin and vagina-skin meet.

This vagina comes with four sounds. Breathing and moaning sounds. They play for a few seconds. Continuing the sound seems to require repeated clicking. In my demo, the 3rd sound was missing.

There is a selection of 6 pubic hairstyles and the hair can be colored. There are 10 included skin colors and 10 labia colors along with a color picker for skin, lips, and hair. The selector is large enough one should be able to make fine adjustments.

There is an ‘auto-hide’ feature. When enabled the feature detects ‘PG’ rated regions and hides the vagina.

Script load: Main HUD 448KB, Mini HUD 64KB, and vagina 272KB. So, in use figure 512KB.

ACI adds 4.5k.

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