Second Life: VAW XTC Vagina Rigged

by Virtual Artworks L$1200 – Mesh, Bento rigged and unrigged – Demo? No!

Nipples, lips, and butt are extra.


I couldn’t find a demo. Contacting the designer, I find he is afraid someone will still his textures from a demo. Duh! So, no demos. Anyone that wants them can steal the mesh and textures by being close to anyone wearing a VAW vagina. From my viewpoint that is losing a lot of sales for no good reason.


Product Image: NSFW

The vagina is boxed. Open the box and you get a folder with all the parts and some scripts. Of course, some promo material and a manual are included.

The rigged Bento version is available in only 4 sizes (Sept 2019), Freya, Isis, Hourglass, and Maitreya. The Hourglass works OK, not perfect, on Physique-Original. But none of that information is in the promo material.

The included skin applier is not Omega-like nor is there an Omega applier version. The applier has a relatively small collection of skin colors. I use YS&YS. They use base colors Tone-1 to 5. VAW provides for 1 to 4, no 5. :/ Which, of course, is the tone I use. There are 8 other skin brands, 9 total.

VAW provides 80+ VAW made textures (skins) for the vagina. You pick those by selecting IN or OUT, meaning inner lips or outer lips and then clicking Lighter or Darker. You can advance 1 level or 5 levels at a time. The max is 85. I suspect those with black skin (really dark) will have a hard time matching the skin. 80 is close to my light chocolate color.

If you have to manually match colors the VAW plan is to find a close skin and then tint it using the included Color Picker. It is plenty large enough to work with but there is no numeric input. So, I think it is a rather weak color picker. I often use numeric settings to match colors because tweaking red AND green, the colors used to get realistic skin, is difficult in a color picker. It does allow you to save the ‘tint’ colors.

The HUDs have an odd 3-second hold set of buttons to get to additional options. It makes for a nicely compact HUD. They advise you about the 3-sec hold the first time you click one of those buttons.

The vagina comes with clit rings. You can show, hide, and color them. The inner lips protrude. That is not editable in the rigged version. The vagina is small. So, guys with massive tools are NOT going to fit… like they ever do… Of course, the vagina can be hidden or shown.

The HUD can be attached to any HUD position. No matter where it is attached, it will show in the same place. Once attached, it can be moved. If you then change the attachment point, presto it moves to wherever it was last moved to on the screen. I think that is pretty neat. So, read this to say you can put it on whichever attachment point you have free and then position it anywhere on the screen. The HUD is small enough it won’t need to be hidden.

If a partner clicks on the vagina they get a dialog menu and have options to play with it triggering various animations. You have a permissions list to allow that or not.

There are audio sounds and RP chat. You can change those or turn them on or off. The female orgasm sound is reasonably hot.

There is no BoM support from VAW or third-parties for the vagina, for now. I assume there will be.

ACI adds about 5k. Vagina scripts 720KB and HUD 640KB or about 1.4KB total in normal use.

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