Who has the best vagina?

I could be crude and get into a debate about which promiscuous woman… Sorry guys, but that’s not where I am going. This is very much a Second Life™ thing as it is an ‘equipment’ review. Where else would people discuss their options in vaginas? As in what theirs is going to be… and what it can do…

Teasing the Boys

Nal Teasing the Boys…

While once upon a time Xcite! Was the top of the line, no longer. The Xcite! X4 female vagina was last updated sometime in 2016. Sometime later a poster saying ‘X5 Coming Soon” appeared in the Xcite! Sales region. So, while I still occasionally use my Xcite! X4 parts and visit the Xcite! shop but not often. Mostly because of the massive script load. More about Xcite! later.

So, who is the best ‘virtual’ plastic surgeon building genitals these days? Is there anything new down there? I’ll provide some answers. But let’s frame some things. We have had Bento for a time and we are seeing it used in some of the new vaginas. Not particularly well IMO.

Bakes On Mesh (BoM) just released. A couple of months in, now late November 2019, it is still too soon to see designers making use of it. When it is used it will make coloring the skin much easier. But for now, I have yet to see the use of BoM for coloring the outer labia in a product. I suspect this will remain a some do and some don’t thing with BOM. I say more about this problem in the review of The V.

I’ll point out that as vagina makers move to BOM the appearance of the pubic area of skin will become more important. It may also become problematic. I think making a vagina to work with a body and all the various skins would be an extremely tedious if not impossible process. Designers would need to cooperate to get skins and vaginas to match up well.

Mesh has been around for years now. Most vaginas are now made of mesh these days. The use of Bento is rare. Use of BOM even rarer. I’ll point out which uses what.

Rather than one huge post, I’ll post one vagina at a time. I haven’t decided how I will link them together. I have decided to tag them VAGINA. So, you can click that tag at the end of this post or over in the right-hand column select that tag and see all the articles listed, which for today is this one article. Think tomorrow…

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  1. great work, Nalates … just my problem right now, and you gave a good overview. I haven’t tried all the ones you mentioned, but where i did i came to a similar conclusion. Thank you so much!

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