Magic Leap – Google’s World?

Magic Leap Yahooo is working on a virtual reality product. So, it should come as no surprise that Google (et al) is working on one too, or at least investing in one to the tune of half a billion dollars. To get an idea of what the investors are thinking check out this video. In the video below, you never see the scare, just the reactions. In the video the people know they are in VR. Imagine putting on… Continue reading

Second Life 2013 in Review

I’ve found it interesting to look back to see what has happened in Second Life™ during the past year. In 2012 I did that and published: Looking Back at Second Life 2012 . A much shorter version of that is: 2012 – The Short List . In the sidebar I have an Archive selector. You can select any month to find articles within a specific month. I also try to make use of WordPress categories and tags. Each article has a section that shows published… Continue reading

Ebbe Altberg Interview

Designing Worlds in Second Life had an opportunity to interview with Ebbe Altberg, the Linden Lab CEO. It has been promoted for a day or two now. Today the video of the interview was released. You can see the video on Designing Worlds This is an interesting video interview. Ebbe’s excitement with SL1 and 2 comes through. He gives us information about SL1 and SL2 and where they are going. I’ll warn you that what he says can be… Continue reading

Second Life Tier – Again?

Hamlet has an article on New World Notes about the loss of revenue we think the Lab is experiencing. See: Second Life’s Private Sim Revenue in 2013 Forecast at $48M, Down From $61M in 2010. Hamlet points to an article by Ener Hax: Second Life’s private sim watch, which is based on Tyche Shepard’s Grid Survey. From the information we have it is pretty easy to surmise that 2011’s revenue from private sim leasing was about US$60 million…. Continue reading

Drax Radio Hour #46

From time to time Drax and Jo have breaking news or scoops. In this show Drax interviews a number of Lindens. From them we get new insights. This makes the show well worth hearing. See: Radio Hour Episode 46. For a quick summary see Ciaran’s article: Drax Visits Linden Lab HQ And Finds FIC Cups! Blood Letters Office – Well Dressed! I haven’t tried to capture a summary or abstract of each section, just those that interested me and I… Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2018 w/41

SL Universe is Gone – Sort of… but gone. Actually, the SLUniverse forum redirects you to the Virtualverse site as of October 10. You’ll have to open a new account to use the new site. This is the pages showing when an SLUniverse URL is entered. SLUniverse Gone – 10/2018 Viewer Blocked – There is an Android viewer named IM to Second Life. As of last Friday, the Lindens have denied that viewer access to Second Life™. Seems there were… Continue reading

Who is Winning the Virtual Reality Race?

The financial people think it is Facebook and Apple that are positioned to win in the Virtual Reality War. But, it won’t be a fast war. It will last years. Quoting Chris Ciaccia : [A] Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster stated that virtual reality is likely the next key trend in technology, writing, “We liken the state of virtual and augmented reality today as similar to the state of mobile phones 15 years ago. It likely will take a decade… Continue reading