Bits and Bites of Second & Real Life 2019 w07

Focus Magazine is for those of us that enjoy taking snapshots in-world. This issue their featured Second Life™ photographer is Sari. Some of her nice images are in the magazine.

Cover Focus Magazine – Feb 2019

The magazine covers things related to SL photographers’ interests. Some homes and stuff, clothes, poses, backdrops, photo locations, skins, places, and even an advice column.

You can join the group Too Sexy for This Group to get your monthly copy. This group is the complimentary part of the Flickr group Too Sexy for this Group! Second Life. These are sexy groups. Less lewd and more erotic than most.

The Linden event Special Valentine’s Day Hug and Dunk has been announced, Wednesday 2/6. See the announcement here. On Thursday, February 14th from 10am-12pm, drop by the Isle of View (SURL) for a chance to hug and/or dunk some Lindens.

Russia – By April 1 of this year the Russian government plans to have taken full control of the Internet within Russia and to test that control by disconnecting the Russian Internet from the rest of the world. There is no announced date for the disconnect. It is a test and the connection will be restored. But, for a time Russians will be isolated. (Ref BBC)

China has had the ability to disconnect their citizens form the Internet for years. Russia is catching up. Both will soon have the ability to limit their citizens to accessing just ‘approved’ websites.

I expect other fascist counties to do the same.

For us in SL it means there will be a time when Russian users are locked away from SL.

Hippos – Yes, hippopotami are in the news. Second Life has a long Hippo history, if you don’t already know. But that isn’t the news. Drug lord Pablo Escobar imported hippos as “pets”. They got loose while he is detained elsewhere and now inhabit the Magdalena river in Columbia. They are horny creatures and are breeding. They are a PROBLEM, disrupting the ecology and use of the river. (Ref CBS)

We have to wonder if left unchecked whether they will make it to the Amazon River and possibly change the nature of SL’s Amazon River… sure we do…

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