Content Creators’ UG Meeting 2018 w50

Interesting news came out of the CCUG meeting today. There is word on Firestorm’s release.

Here is the video of the meeting. I missed the first couple of minutes.

Word on Firestorm is at the start of the video. Beq Janus gave us an update in chat on where Firestorm is. Their Beta testing has moved to the larger group of Firestorm testers named the Preview Group. Next, it will go to public Beta before Christmas and the final release is expected for early January 2019.

In another article I pointed you toward Beq’s article on the changes to the Mesh Uploader in this next release of Firestorm.

Animesh Shapes – Vir Linden is looking into supporting shapes for animesh. Doesn’t mean we will get shapes for animesh, but we might. Also, he will be looking to see if animesh attachments are possible. If the attachments can be viewer-side only, then it is likely to happen.

Bakes On Mesh – It has been merged with animesh. There are some things in it that are being worked on. Something about hover height being off. Older viewers are seeing it.

Wiki pages for BoM are in progress.

EEP – Final touches going on script functions. Should be in the next server roll for Snack channel. Next Rider Linden will return to working on the viewer side of EEP. (Enhanced Environment Project)

There are no god-rays yet, but they ARE coming.

There are rainbow and cloud problems to be fixed.

Note: About 26 minutes in I add a couple of minutes of video made with the Linden 6.0.1 viewer with animesh support. You can see the animesh chicken (?) and pole dancing woman doing their animations.

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