Second Life News 2018 w40


The main channel was updated to version # This version contains code for the Bakes On Mesh feature. None of this update is going to be apparent to users. Sort of infrastructure only changes.

My home region on the main channel did get an update today and shows the above as the running version.

The three RC channels will get version # This is only listed as having ‘Internal Changes’.

I missed the meeting today to have lunch with a friend. So, a bit short on hard news.

Navigator - EVO

Navigator – EVO


The main viewer has upgraded to version (Release Notes) Code name: Rakomelo. The previous update was in week #34.

There are some new features in this version; in People – Near By you can sort on recent arrivals, fixes group notices so – eliminating the behavior of if I sent one while you are writing one yours would be trashed, new server capabilities for fetching offline IM’s – this is supposed to make delivery more robust, and new capabilities for friend and group actions… So, is this the friends-list-not-sync’ing issue? Not sure…

Eight crash conditions were fixed. Hopefully fewer crashes.

Nine performance issues have been addressed. These are not targeted at higher FPS but at making things work better… at least, that is my take.

About a dozen and half bug fixes.

Second Life Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #35. We were hopeful this one would do well enough to be promoted. Didn’t.

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Last updated in week #37.

Second Life EAM Viewer version – Last week this was a Project Viewer. It has updated and been promoted RC. Another update of EAM is out as a Project Viewer. See below. The only difference I see from reading is in the big fixes.

I suspect this is a frozen version getting only necessary bug fixes so that third-party dev’s can be releasing their versions and to get the features into users’ hands.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Released in week #34. I am anticipating one more update to this version before it becomes a candidate for promotion.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – (Release Notes) Code name:  Spotykach. The previous maintenance viewer has promoted to the default viewer. This is a new version. This version lists 4 bug fixes. None of which I experience…

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10. The back burner version…

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last update week #39. The backend support for this feature is moving to the main grid. For now it only works over in the preview grid.

Second Life Project EAM Viewer version – (Release Notes) This is a new project viewer. The second in the Estate Access Management set. The release notes are very similar to the earlier version now in RC. But… this version has different big fixes.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon – This is the big news. NiranV has added Animesh and new features to BD’s Animesh support. Hamlet did a big splash on the viewer last week (9/26). See: Black Dragon Second Life Viewer Adds Full Animesh Support With Custom Animation Control.

There is an EASY way to pick animations from your inventory and have them play on an animesh. The drawback is the result is ONLY visible to you. Others cannot see the animesh animating. But, in a machinima you are making… that you can see it is all that matters.

Very neat stuff.

CoolVLViewer- – 2018-09-29

Other News

The Portal Park and some Linden Realms games have been and are down today, 10/02. (Ref)

Linden Homes selection was broken. Now repaired.

Hair Fair 2018 is open and going strong.

This year we have a couple of interesting tweaks. One is the symbol for males that indicates male hair is available in that location. And the path through the fair is a single loop. So, if you are cam’ing through, you won’t get lost or miss a shop.

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