Second Life News 2018 w39

Lots of interesting news and updates… I’ve combined information from the Third-Party Dev meeting and my regular Tuesday updates. There is normally about two working days between the Third-Party and Server-Scripting meetings. Not much changes in that time. So, I combined them.


No roll to the main channel. It will continue to run #

The Forum Deploys post says the RC channel roll is to be determined. Rider Linden at the Server-Scripting UG says no RC packages are ready to roll out. We’ll find out Wednesday what actually happens.



He did however, provide a new server package update for EPP on the ADITI side.

He said, “It [EEP server update] will address some validations where FS had much larger ranges of values than the lab did.

I’ve dealt with a cloud speed issue that had annoyed me and I forgot to get in before we sent out the preview.

Oz Linden at the Friday Third-Party Dev UG announced they will be turning off the UDP Asset Fetch API’s in January. Most viewers no longer use them. But, there may be one or two that do… These API’s do not pass through the CDN servers so are slower and add more load to the region and asset servers.

Old viewers will likely break. Old as in like 4 years old.


The main viewer remains version, since week #34.

Second Life Animesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #35. This one is doing pretty well. It is a candidate for promotion. Its promotion will have an impact on third-party viewers. See Firestorm note below.

Bets are this will be the one to be promoted. The Lindens are not committing or admitting. But…

Second Life Bugsplat Viewer version – Last updated in week #37. Word is the Lab is changing over to the third-party crash reporting used in this viewer.

This version is waiting for a couple of updates before promotion.

It will have the change from the Viewer Updater being a parent process to it being a child process. Oz says the experiment didn’t work out as well as they hoped. I suppose that means they had more problems with it than it solved.

I didn’t particularly like it running as a parent process. Manually making shortcut launcher for the viewer was more complex. Often people got caught in a perpetual update, run new, close, next start update again, run new… and repeat endlessly.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – Released in week #34. This viewer is needing more updates before it can promote. So, at least one more RC update before it becomes a candidate for promotion.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Last updated week #37. This one is doing pretty well. It is a candidate for promotion.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – The previous update was in week #32. This is a new update this week.

The infrastructure needed for BoM to release is now in place. Well, in the RC channels at least. Without an RC update this week… that may not be true. The inventory changes and backend change it was waiting on are now ready to roll out if not in place. So, we will see this project viewer moving toward RC status and release.

Second Life Project EAM Viewer version – Released in week #33. This is the Estate Access Management Viewer.

There is a sort of hidden EEP Viewer out. It is not yet Project Viewer level ready yet. So, it will be a bit before we see it appear. Even longer until it goes to RC level. Content Creators and Server-Scripting UG attendees are testing it now.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.3.0 – This version now supports Animesh. Not only does it support Animesh, NiranV added features to help you use and work with animesh. So, this is an Animesh viewer on steroids… or possibly some healthier upper…. Monster?

The joystick code has been improved. Should be smoother. I use the SpaceNavigator and it has been jerky. So, I’ve avoided BD for my video work. Now I’ll check it out.

Cool VL Viewer supports Animesh.

Firestorm Viewer – Jessica was at the Third-Party Dev UG meeting. It sounds like a FS Animesh capable viewer is in their beta testing. So, we may see a new FS viewer in October.

Sunday was the Firestorm Viewer’s 8th birthday. They had a party on their regions.

Other News

EEP will import WL settings.

Region crossings – more has been learned. A race condition from the departing region is telling the viewer to kill the attachments before the new arriving region can tell the viewer to keep them for the new location. So, another race condition.

See BUG-214653

So, progress is being made. The Lindens will have to make the server changes. They have to get it on the ‘To-Do’ list, schedulae and prioritise it, find someone to work on it… it will be a while.

Last week of SL15B. This last gift was broken for a time. Click… no gift. But, that is fixed. I got mine today, Tuesday.

Oz Linden is on vacation this week #39.

Friday (9/21) was Dogfood Day. So, Lindens were in world. The idea was for them to play with the product and experience what users do.

A ‘Build a Bear’ class was being offered to Lindens.

Last Names – the back end is being changed. There is one major blocker for the project. The Lindens are committed to Last Names. It will happen.

Guesses for Last Name ETA are very late 2018 or early 2019.

The new structure for Premium will be out before Last Names rolls out… No I don’t know.

4 thoughts on “Second Life News 2018 w39

  1. “The joystick code has been improved. Should be smoother. I use the SpaceNavigator and it has been jerky. So, I’ve avoided BD for my video work. Now I’ll check it out.”

    It’s main calculation cycle has been improved in performance yes. I doubt that it would make it less jerky with a SpaceNavigator though. SpaceNavigator is simply not supported as i don’t have one so i’m using what i think are LL’s defaults for it which are just as bad as having none (probably). Making Flycam not feel jerky with any input device comes down to configuration and since the Viewer comes with basically no configuration for SpaceNavigator you’ll have to do it on your own from scratch.

    If you can find something good though you can tell me, i’d gladly add it as default, anything is better than what the Viewer comes with right now.

    • Yeah, it is still jerky. No appreciable difference from earlier versions.

      Where are the joystick settings? I can’t find them. Of course I’m looking in Preferences…

  2. Preferences – Camera , top right there’s a wrench icon labeled with “Configure Joystick Controls”

    Again the “improvements” were solely and only targeted at performance impacts caused by having joystick enabled, regardless of whether it was used or not. It should no longer impact performance having it enabled and neither should actually using it. The Viewer was doing a huge bunch settings lookups whenever it calculated any input this caused massive framedrops.

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