SL Third-Party Dev Meeting June 13 w28

Oh nooos… Friday the 13th… Lots of details and status of projects.

The Animesh project viewer will to go to RC soon. They are waiting on Animesh to roll to main channel. So, we will likely see it promote to RC in week #29.

But, as of the meeting today, Friday, Vir Linden is hearing about some anomalies in the Animesh RC server regions. Until Vir Linden can dig into that we don’t know what’s up. This could delay the Animesh server side roll out.

The Bakes On Mesh project viewer is likely to get an update in week #29. There are a couple of fixes in the new release.

The Maintenance RC viewer is in the pipeline.

EEP is close behind. But, the backend support is not yet in place. But, on its way. EEP requires changes to the assets servers and inventory processes.

Also, a viewer is coming that revamps the texture cache. Should be faster and bigger.

Estate Access Management has been waiting for server-side changes for group invites and friend invitations. Both viewer and server-side components are in QA. One is Group Invites delivered while you are offline is fixed and involves server and viewer changes. These are being built into a server cap (capability). Thus, allowing the viewer to ask for them at login.

An earlier version of this came out. But, it didn’t handle the friend and group invites correctly.

Estate Manager Tools is in QA.

A Dynamic User Interface (DUI) is being considered. We won’t see anything on this in the development pipeline until next year. Also, a number of things could cause the idea to be put on the shelf.

Other considerations for graphics improvements will wait on a decision on what to do about Apple’s lack of support for OpenGL.

Someone is working on BUG-225039with transparent texture and alpha masking at cutoff 1, the underlying color shows through in small patches.

There is a RUMOR the Lab will charge for inventory over 30k items. Not gonna happen. So says Oz Linden.

When will we have legacy names back? Literally there will be NO LEGACY names. But, there will be the ability to add a last name from a list. The list will be made from user suggestions. How they will accept names for the list is TBD.

All ‘last’ names from the first and last name era are legacy names. None of those will be available. There is no technical reason for this. The reason is the Lindens do NOT want to deal with user ire from degrading the value of the names from an older era. So… political…

No ETA on last names.

There once was a group voting thing. I’ve never seen it. Oz Linden says it has never worked since he has been around. A couple of developers thank it was very useful. (shrug) The code is still around in the viewer.


So… it looks like we are in the ‘last 10%’ of several projects, So,  it is heads down and work hard. Not much conversation or new details.

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