Second Life Airports – How to Find Them

Airports – There are large flying and sailing communities in Second Life™. However, finding airports, landing fields, boat launches, and marinas can be difficult. Making it easier is Shergood’s website with the virtual world’s equivalent of Google Earth. Their version is for airports, seaports, and landing fields. It lists about 280. Unfortunately, many are no longer around. So, the list is somewhat out of date. But, the best I’ve seen so far.

I don’t know of an equivalent for marinas.

Over St Martin

Over St Martin – 2014

Kelly Shergood (Airport facilities – Marketplace) is the maker of Shergood’s ultra-realistic helicopters (Group URL). Realistic enough that if you can’t start a RL helicopter, you can’t start one of these. That isn’t strictly true, there is a qstart command to get you going. But, use it and try to fly without knowing something about helicopters is a certain path to a quick and exciting crash …and these helicopters burn when crashed. So… how would I know that? :/

The flight engine designed for these models is unique to Shergood products. The wind and inertia play apart in flying these helicopters. Plus, controls are of the RL kind. This means if you apply a control it compounds over time. One is applying a control that applies a ‘thrust’ and the effect of that ‘thrust’ builds up until the control is ‘centered’, returned to the neutral position. Things can quickly get out of control just as in RL.

Shergood’s are not the easiest SL helicopters to fly. They are challenging. There are many other helicopters that are easier to fly. But, Shergood’s are the most interesting.

I’ve had problems with lag… not that the helicopter makes the lag. That it is sensitive to it. Plus, the region crossings are a pain, which is true for any vehicle in Second Life™. You cannot be turning or otherwise changing direction of travel when crossing a region boundary. Well, you can, but the crossing is much crazier when you do.

One tip for those attempting to fly one of these helicopters. The control keys are case sensitive. So, the left & right peddles assigned to Z & X do require upper case keys. I use a couple of gestures to allow z & x to do the same thing.

4 thoughts on “Second Life Airports – How to Find Them

  1. Not only you can fly for fun, but these days there is a purpose in flying, there is a cargo transport community that called GTFO, a sort of DHL, with this system you can haul freight all over mainland of sl, you can do it with cars, trucks, trains, boat’s, heli and Planes.
    There are hundreds or locations and it is groing verry fast.
    If you have a boat ore train you can see that the cargo is be dilliverd ore loaded.


    • Thank you for saying!!! And the link.

      I’ve seen the GTFO posters around the airports. I’m still learning what all is in the community. I’ve seen Kelly Shergood working on a… whatever yu call the fire fighting buckets helicopters carry.

      Plus a improved region-crossing version of the server is running on the RC channels. So, I definitely plan to buy a helicopter. I love skimming along just above the water.

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