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Skin Fair 2018

This is always an interesting fair. It runs from March 9 to 25. For a list of participants look here Website. The location of the fair is not yet accessible. Event organizer.

Skin Fair 2018

You can advertise there, on a billboard (PG only), by purchasing board space starting March 1 for L$3,000. Ad Office.

Blogger applications for early access are here.

Fashion Bloggers

I’m not that much into fashion review. My GA.EG Jennifer mesh head article provides the type of information that interests me. That article is like 1,500 words. I don’t see that in most fashion reviews. The amount of information normally provided by the hundreds of fashion sites popping up on iHeartSL is a picture and a list of stuff worn. It is sort of customary to include a link to where an item can be purchased, but not always.

I am struck that what I see is probably the least one can do and maintain their ‘fashion blogger’ status with various designers. Maybe not. Could be that is all people are interested in, but I have my doubts.

There are exceptions. JuicyBomb and others add an artistic impression of the fashion they show off. I am more interested in knowing why the hair and lace Juicy writes about clash. If you are curious see Second Life – How to Lower ACI – A Script.

Strawberry Singh provides what I consider a REVIEW and often a recommendation, which can be positive or negative, of things she likes and feels or knows will interest her followers. The time she spends on her articles shows.

Blogger Fails

I race through the listings of new posts on iHeartSL.  But, with 200 to 300 new listings appearing every day, that would be a LOT of scrolling. I use Feedly to aggregate the things I want to stay informed on. Way, way faster to cover information.

Missing Images – iHeartSL

The Escapades site and a few others make a mistake that limits them. If you look on iHeartSL you’ll see the listing there has no images. So, Feedly uses the masthead image… the same image for every post from Escapades. Others make the same mistake. The problem is in the site theme used. Escapades’ theme is 5 years old and probably should be updated.

Blender 2,79a Released

We have an update to Blender. Get it here. There are 200+ fixes in this release. Cycles render is faster in this version. In Windows 10% faster. I haven’t seen any feature reviews. So, I suppose this is a fixes only release.

Grid Closes

Hypergrid Business is running an article about the Immersive Reality grid closing. European currency regulation and a lack of interest are cited as the reasons. 24 users… !?!


These ‘G’ designators refer to the ‘generation’ of wireless networks used by phones and devices. I currently connect via 4G.

The speeds for 4G range from 3Mbps to 12Mbps depending on your carrier. Good for SD & HD streaming video. 5G speeds range from 1 to 10 Gbps. Megabits to Gigabits. A gigabit is 1,000 megabits. The lower case ‘b’ tells us we are dealing with bits, not bytes.

The tech uses less energy, think longer battery life, and has less latency… lag.

Those providing coverage of the current 2018 Winter Olympics are using 5G to deliver UHD images. 5G should be in general use by 2020. For now, most 5G is experimental and for product testing. In general, everyday people can’t access it. BUT a 2020 rollout… in bureaucratic Europe, they haven’t even completed the rollout of 4G. Expect 5G to lag even farther behind. In the USA our broad open space has kept 3, 4, and likely 5G in the cities and along our interstate highways. (ref)

So, what will change with 5G? Higher resolution video? Yeah. But my S8 already has an amazing image. So, only those using VR Headsets have a ‘need’ for higher resolution screens.

5G creates the possibility to overload the wireless channels. I’m not sure why the 5G tech is more of a channel problem than 4G, but that is what the tech reviews are warning.

Whatever… we are still on the faster-is-better train. That means we could see cloud render for Second Life and Sansar to run on mobile devices.

The big push seems to be from service providers that want to get away from AT&T copper wire and COX, Comcast cable. Going wireless at the 5G level could increase competition. We already have companies looking to provide more satellite services. So, 5G routers may replace the router/gateway/modems we have now.

Oh… and you will need new devices to use 5G.

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