Second Life – Third-Party Dev’s UG Meeting 2017 w27

Very short meeting, 20± minutes. Nothing new. Just status updates.

The first subject was the JIRA spamming. For now, the JIRA is locked down, no comments. There is no idea how long it will take to build a spam block.


The Alex Ivy viewer is out as the main viewer. It will update soon as a couple of problems were found. The Lindens are working on the launcher that figures out if it should load the 32 or 64-bit version of the viewer. They are also adding a setting to allow the user to override the automatic detection and force install of one or the other.

Crash numbers for this version currently don’t look good. BUT… the data collection system has not caught up with the addition of the 64-bit side of a viewer. So, it is mixing 32 and 64-bit numbers together. Oz Linden suspects the 32-bit version is dragging the numbers down.

The voice RC viewer is out, few changes.

A maintenance version is out.

The 360 Project Viewer is out. Some fixes are coming for it. Soon…

If you have read my stuff on the 360 Viewer you know it isn’t yet injecting the metadata into the images. Surprisingly, the forum displays 360-images on Flickr without any special code. Look at the picture on Flickr, grab the URL from the browser, paste it the forum post, and poof it works.


In the coming week, the server package running on Magnum will go grid wide. This is mostly an operating system upgrade. I think the problem has been the new OS is stricter about how HTTP requests are formatted and that broke something in LSL which broke the DJ Song Boards.

Song Boards will need to switch to new scripts that use the new HTTPRequest format.

Is Firestorm using the asset HTTP update? It is not in the current Firestorm 5.0.7. They have added it in and the in-progress-versions used internally by the development team have it. So, it will be in the next Firestorm release. While there is no set release date for the next Firestorm release, the tentative plan is to release a new version in September.

The Lab plans to shut down the server-side support for direct asset requests in maybe February 2018. But, that is NOT official.

Oz makes the interesting comment that they can’t seem to kill older viewers. Various past changes have broken older versions of the viewers, but people continue to use them. Hmm… Oz suspects a large number of people use the viewer as a large elaborate chat system.

Ed Merryman comments that some people still use Emerald… Phoenix… If one knows what they are doing they can dodge the blocks.


The next user group meeting is July, 28th .

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