Sansar Opening?

Hamlet at new World Notes has an article on a new round of Sansar invites going out. He is seeing chatter in his social network. See: Sansar Creator Preview Invites Expanding To More SL Users & Developers.

I, however, have not gotten mine… :/


6 thoughts on “Sansar Opening?

  1. Got mine too the other day after a very long wait (years?).

    It’s a bit finicky about cookies when you create your account but non-VR installation is smooth (I think you need Steam for VR mode). Despite being clueless about Blender I managed to get something to import, more by luck than anything.

    Graphically the scenes look like they have potential to surpass SL, although I’m less convinced about the avatars. I’m sure it’s a lot better in VR, so hope you get yours soon so you can report!

    • Yeah… I’m still fiddling with Steam. It doesn’t like my not having a game controller. It can’t see either the Gear’s handheld or touch pad.

  2. Weirdly I got it running in stereoscopic 3D using TriDef Ignition, so it must be using DirectX not OpenGL (so no Apple Mac then it seems). It’s just reading the Z-buffer to do it, but at least that’s more than I could do with SL, post-CtrlAltStudio, so that’ll do me for now 😉

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