Blender Easy Retopology?

For some of the stuff I make, I need to do a lower poly final version for use in Second Life.  Rico Cilliers has a demo of doing retopology on YouTube. See Manual Retopology in Blender- Tips and Tricks.

I saw several tricks that are new to me.

For Second Life, I do a high poly first design. Not as dense as his dragon head. But, I don’t do a load of sculpting. But, for my starting work, I am concentrating on appearance and fit. Then I do a retopo for my SL high poly where I concentrate on reducing poly count. I use this for the first two and sometimes three SL LoD models. Then do another retopo for the 3rd or 4th SL LoD model. So, these tricks will be way handy for me.

The last time I published anything on Blender Retopo was 2012-13.

I think being able to do a good retopo is key to making great looking low ACI clothing.

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