Firestorm Viewer Near Release

Today I see Firestorm has posted the release notes to Firestorm version 5.0.1 (52150). They are a work in progress. They include a link to an article on Inara’s blog, which is not yet live. It’s just a place holder link. So, it is looking like a release is imminent.

According to the notes as written now they say Firestorm will have all the features of Linden’s 5.0.0 release plus some features and fixes from ‘upstream’ versions, meaning I suppose Linden RC versions.

The 5 numbering in the version means it WILL be Bento supporting. While that is no big thing for most users today, as there is little Bento content on the grid, it is big  in that it moves Bento ahead in a huge way.

The RLVa features have been updated to version API: RLV v3.1.4 / RLVa v2.0.3.50527. They have linked to a page with the details of that update. For most users this only means we’ll soon see RLV collar and relay updates soon.

The current Release Notes page has lots of work remaining to be done. I don’t see it being possible to complete it today. But, that may not prevent a viewer release. However, I think it suggests the release date may be a day or few away. I’m betting between now and the 18th.

Those using the Preview version of this coming release are liking it. Rumors are some are seeing performance improvements and few crashes. My 4.7.9 version crashes almost every time I use it for over 30 minutes. Fortunately, mostly only on exit.


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