Project Bento Update Video 2016 w32

This is an interesting update on the current bugs and progress on the head bones. Matrice Laville, the programmer for AvaStar speaks about several issues.

One of the people working with Bento is totally frustrated. She provides us a textbook case of victimization and projection. Wow. She is having problems with the Bento Collada file in the SL Wiki dated Aug 6th. Even after several people downloaded and checked the file during the meeting then told her the file was complete but had bone position issues, which were talked about earlier, she couldn’t hear them. 

Even when told where to find a usable blend file, she was eventually off in a huff to build her own skeleton. About all we can do for such people is wish them well and leave them alone.

If you are having a problem getting the Bento Skeleton into a usable form, visit Machinimatrix and get the workbench files. There is even a video recommending the file. This is the latest usable production file available, AFAIK.

The Project Bento files and the whole building and animating process for the new avatar is in a state of flux. Teager is another somewhat frustrated user dealing with constant change. Teager is ready for things to stabilize so they can build a smooth work flow. I can feel that. But, Teager copes well with the problems and frustration. For now we all have to live with change. Matrice responds in the video.

The hope voiced by the Lindens is that this month Project Bento will make it from project to release candidate status. How quickly AvaStar and MayaStar will stabilize and be able to provide an efficient and smooth work flow is another question. Matrice is promising to make animating for the Bento avatar with AvaStar much easier than it is now.

MayaStar and AvaStar handle the non-standard modeling issues I call SL Gotcha’s. There are scaling and rotation issues that have to be handled when you plan to upload a model into SL. You see how few designers are aware of the problem when you TP into a region with a lot of avatars. A lot of mesh clothes initially render sideways.

The Lindens also voice the caveat that they will NOT promote Bento to release candidate status until they feel it is ready. User feedback and changes users have convinenced the Lindens need be made are holding Bento in project status. It looks very much like the Lindens will stay with the project until they see a  user consensus appear. That may or may not happen this month.




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