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Tm 14:0064-Bit Linden Viewer – The libraries are mostly done. The Lab is now working on using them to build a 32-bit viewer. That sounds odd, but it is a logical step as the Lab has to also have 32-bit viewers. So, the various switches within the libraries that shift from 64 to 32 have to be tested to work with the existing 32-bit viewers the Lab builds now. The ones we use today. The new Libraries will eventually be rolled out running under our 32-bit versions. Then the Lab can work on placing a 64-bit viewer on top of those libraries and 64-bit viewers will eventually replace the 32-bit versions we use now.

If you're lost you can look and find me... time after time.

If you’re lost you can look and find me… time after time.

TM 18:45 – Crash Uploaders – Those compiling viewers and sending crash dump info to a server will have an easier time as the Lab has reworked that section of code. For the rest of us this is less than a non-issue.

TM 23:00± – Ed Merryman points out the problem they are having with the Firestorm Gateway. They are presently signing up 100+ people a day, which means new SL users. Of those something like 6 or so a week are 6 to 12 year-olds, under age. The team is looking for what they can do to mitigate the problem and how to handle them. Six is only the number of underage they are catching.

They have tried banning them. But, in about 2 minutes they are back in.

The Lab is doing what they can. As soon as someone figures out a solution, the Lab will adopt it. This is a general Internet problem with no good solution… or no solution period.

TM 27:00 – RLV – This is an interesting section of the meeting. RLV is the viewer addon available in some third party viewers that allows scripts from within SL to control the viewer. While most often used for simulating adult BDSM scenarios it has numerous other uses.

The Experiences feature provides a small part of what is possible with RLV. What we have heard about Sansar suggests that many of the RLV features will be built into Sansar. In this section of the meeting Oz says if the Lab had the resources they would implement more of the RLV features as part of Experiences.

It is on their list of things to think about doing.

Simon Linden did a presentation at the last Linden planning get together in part on adult activities in Second Life. Oz says Ebbe blushed… one has to wonder about that. Oz describes Simon’s presentation as ‘very illuminating’.

The meeting ends at about the 30 minute mark. This is one of the more enjoyable/interesting meetings. The time mark links will get you to the video.

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  1. “Cool VL Viewer is said to have [Bento] out in a useable form.”

    It is not just “said to”. It is a fact… It has been the case for no less than 4 months already: the initial backport was released on 2015-12-26, in the v1.16.17.3 release (experimental branch) and is nowadays available in the v1.16.19 experimental branch of the viewer.
    Thanks to the weekly release rhythm of the Cool VL Viewer, it also closely follows each new Bento addition/change/fix and is kept in perfect sync with LL’s bento-box git code repository.

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