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From the Third Party Dev Meeting 2016-16… Oz Linden starts off saying there isn’t a lot of new stuff. But, news-wise there was quite a bit and I found most of it interesting.

Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 – Now Happening


Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Oz describes this version as having lots of annoyances fixed. It hasn’t changed since my previous Tuesday update. 

Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – Oz tells most of the changes previously pending have been added. There is one minor problem with the muted-rainbow-imposture people looking shinny and ‘kinda cool’. Otherwise the viewer version could ship.

Oz mentions the current muted-rainbow-imposture people looking kinda cool, which is not the goal. So, he says that has to be fixed. Think about it. This feature is to counter lag in Second Life™. At a significant level the idea is based on the idea most users with high Avatar Complexity want to look good. The Gellies/JellyDolls/Jelly Babies/muted-rainbow-imposture people, whatever you call them, counter that desire, meaning the intent is to provide an undesirable appearance to that group. So, looking ‘kinda neat’ is an inefficiency in achieving that goal, which Oz phrases as they should look Not Cool.

The Lab is more democratic and freedom oriented than many of the residents, who tend toward the fascist side of socialism and entitlement. The Lab in pursuing this goal is allowing users to override the feature and do as they please. Freedom.

Oz is telling us a new version of the QG viewer has factors for Materials added in. It was building Friday, is in QA this weekend, and will likely roll out as the new RC version of this viewer this coming week (17). Oz later in the meeting mentions he is hoping to release the QG viewer as the main default in less than a month (TM 18:30).

If you are interested in seeing how people are reacting to the idea of Avatar Complexity, check out Daria’s article at Mesh Body Addicts:  Jellydolls are coming to SL…, look in the comments. Add yours.

I find it interesting that some residents describe JellyDolls as an interesting way to FORCE designers to design sensible things. The basic free market idea of freedom is no one is forced and ACI is a great example of creative freedom at work. They just don’t get it, they have it so upside down.

As to what we are going to call JellyDolls… officially… it isn’t officially decided. Oz says he has enough headaches with legal, so we are unlikely to see ‘jelly’ in any official use. It is pretty hard to find any ‘jelly’ name that isn’t trademarked by someone.

TM 3:15 – The meeting shifts to discussion of Project Bento (Second Life Project Bento Viewer version Oz is telling us the skeleton is pretty well set. They will do a ‘few’ weeks of QA to be sure all need to change things is past.

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3 thoughts on “Second Life: LOTS of News

  1. “Cool VL Viewer is said to have [Bento] out in a useable form.”

    It is not just “said to”. It is a fact… It has been the case for no less than 4 months already: the initial backport was released on 2015-12-26, in the v1.16.17.3 release (experimental branch) and is nowadays available in the v1.16.19 experimental branch of the viewer.
    Thanks to the weekly release rhythm of the Cool VL Viewer, it also closely follows each new Bento addition/change/fix and is kept in perfect sync with LL’s bento-box git code repository.

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