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Once the QA is complete they will enable upload of Bento compatible content to the main grid, AGNI. Oz phrases it as, ‘…in the not to distant future…’

Fantasy Faire 2016 - OTHERWORLD

Fantasy Faire 2016 – OTHERWORLD

When AGNI is enabled for Bento, the Project Viewer will useful and interesting for use on the main grid. That will begin a period of user-use and initiate the cycle of Project Viewer changes from user feedback and actual use data. That cycle matures to a RC Viewer and finally becomes a standard part of SL.

There are some long standing issues with animation, my take is this mention by OZ includes not just Bento issues. The Lab is looking to see if those old issues can be resolved or minimized as part of the Bento Project. So, with any luck we will get some old problems handled as part of Bento. But, Oz makes it clear that may not happen. Bento may roll out and it too may just have to live with some of the older problems older animation contend with.

There are third party viewers that have integrated the Bento code. Firestorm has it in a private version. Cool VL Viewer is said to have it out in a useable form. I haven’t looked to see. Of course the Bento parts only work in ADITI now.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – Right, no update yet. But, Oz says they are making good progress on getting it working with the new Rift SDK and other new stuff from Rift.

Oz says they now have a version that sort-of, kinda works if you use a limited set of graphics settings. So, in the ‘not too distant future’ they will release a version and warn it only works with ‘these’ specific graphics settings. For now that will be the Rift viewer for SL.

There are some UI location problems they are working on now. Once those are fixed, they will put it out as a kinda, sorta working Project version.

TM 8:50 – Jessica Lyons is talking about the number people asking for the Rift viewer. As it costs US$600, she is doubtful anywhere near as many will actually buy Oculus Rift headsets. That is probably accurate. But, I wonder how many have Samsung S6 or S7 phones and will play around with VR using those? Whatever I am expecting SL to have a couple of hundred people messing with VR in SL and possibly a couple of thousand trying it.

While people talk it up, the Lab will be watching the stats to see how many people actually use the Rift Viewer and what their usage patterns are. So, depending on what people actually do, the Lab and Third Party Dev’s will shape their response.

QuickTime – I hope you saw Second Life: QuickTime Vulnerable per DHS. Oz brings up the matter in the meeting. They are looking at changing the viewer to use CEF in place of QT. Not long ago the viewer changed from using WebKit to using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). Now they’ll see if they can remove the viewers QT support and chage those apps over to CEF without breaking too much.

They currently have a viewer without QT in ‘extended QA’, Oz’s words. He says they are making progress. I take this to mean QT is likely very soon to be out of the viewer.

Flash is not included in the viewer now. People can install a Flash plugin if the place their tongue on the third-left-upper molar while downloading the right version of Flash, provided Mars and the Earth-Moon are in the right alignment without Phobos blocking and Flash will work… mostly… maybe.

Teleport Widget – This is almost finished. We will see the SL Wiki update with the details. Searching to day (4/23 10AM) I don’t find anything.

If you don’t remember, this is the widget for web sites that handles SLURL’s nicely. I am thinking I’ll want it. I’ll have to figure out how to integrate it into WordPress.

We will soon see it in action at various places in the system, like the Destination Guide.

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  1. “Cool VL Viewer is said to have [Bento] out in a useable form.”

    It is not just “said to”. It is a fact… It has been the case for no less than 4 months already: the initial backport was released on 2015-12-26, in the v1.16.17.3 release (experimental branch) and is nowadays available in the v1.16.19 experimental branch of the viewer.
    Thanks to the weekly release rhythm of the Cool VL Viewer, it also closely follows each new Bento addition/change/fix and is kept in perfect sync with LL’s bento-box git code repository.

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