Second Life: Bits and Pieces 2016-16


Alchemy has new Beta release out as of Saturday 16, version 4.0.0 Beta 2.

In this release Alchemy gets a built into the viewer AO. There are Windlight changes. There is also a Linux version.

Lay down the rules

Lay down the rules

We are told this is a ‘beta’ release to get Alchemy in shape for the next set of Linden updates… The ‘Linden’ releases are coming…(?) so I have little idea what is or isn’t in this release. 

The downloads are here: Alchemy Viewer Download.

Check the comments for people’s impression of this viewer.

Black Dragon Viewer is apparently going to continue. NiranV is saying the new RL job is over… So back to developing the viewer. See: Aaaand i’m done.

Last Updates

  • Catznip – June 2016
  • CtrlAltStudio – October 2015
  • Firestorm – March 2016
  • Kokua – April 2016
  • Singularity – September 2014 w/supplemental February 2015
  • Ukando – March 2016

Other Things

Caitlin Tobias posted this video in her site:


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