Second Life Viewers Week 31

Oz Linden said little about what is going on with viewers at the July 31 Second Life™ Third Party Developer’s (TPD) meeting. What we do know is:

What You Wanted

What You Wanted


RC Second Life VMM Viewer version – A new version came out in week 31. They had little in the way of stats at the time of the meeting. But, so far it was looking good. This will likely be the next viewer promoted, if things continue well… basically baring any catastrophic problems. They seriously want to release it. So much so they did not release a viewer last week when one would normally release. That was done to avoid releasing two versions close together.

RC Second Life Importer Viewer version – This is the viewer that changes the number of faces we can place on imported mesh items.

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version has a big list of big fixes (49). See the Release Notes. If one of those is causing you pain, get this RC version.


Second Life Project Notice Viewer version – This version has a new Notifications floater that separates incoming notifications into System, Transactions, Invitations, and Group. It provides a better way to view, interact with, prioritize and manage incoming notices for busy residents. This Viewer is in Project stage, which means now is the best time for your feedback on it in JIRA.

Second Life Project OculusRift Viewer version – Oz thinks and update is coming…


In the pipeline but not yet to Project or RC status are more viewer versions.

Graphics Quick Preferences – this version will let us save and sets of graphics settings. We can have a set for events, shopping, photographing, and whatever. Some third party viewers have had this for some time.

Complexity Limits Viewer – This the viewer has the changes for adding Jelly Baby rendering, notices, and settings access.  I have great hopes for this viewer reducing lag by letting users see what various attachments do to their avatar’s render/draw cost.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Viewers Week 31

  1. In the pipeline but not yet to Project or RC status are more viewer versions.

    Do you know what happened with the Chromium Embedded Framework Viewer? Six weeks ago you wrote it should appear as a project viewer in week 26.

    Were there any news from LL since then?

    • I blew that estimate. It is in progress. It is high hanging fruit, meaning it is a feature that touches so many parts of the system, server and viewer, it is a complex add. That means it is likely they will run into unanticipated problems, which I am guessing they have. other features seem to keep getting ahead of CEF.

      I am also guessing that CEF will be part of Sansar. So, the people working on CEF may have challenges to handle that we are not hearing about.

      I suspect I am possibly like you, I am getting impatient for CEF to arrive.

  2. Yeah- I have a couple of nice projects that depend on CEF,
    which has been ‘imminent’ since December last year.
    I’m sitting on my thumbs & whistling cause I can’t test & develop them any further.

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