SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar

So, they are looking at taxing Sansar GDP, providing subscription models that provide different capabilities. They keep looking at how to push land cost down because it is preventing a lot content creation.


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As to how much land… Ebbe points out that they are looking at storing empty land and then loading it into a server when someone comes to the land. As it is in SL any land whether occupied or not is using CPU cycles and a server. Being able to store a region after people have left will allow the CPU/server to be used for something else. Much more efficient. But, if you want to give visitors instance access, rather than waiting for it to load, you may pay more for the feature.

Ebbe thinks the cheaper they can make land the better.

32:00 Will long time SL users get more land 1024 rather than 512? Ebbe says the Lab is exploring new land products for Second Life. Looking for ways to reduce land cost. They consider lots of factors. For instance would a lower land cost bring in enough new people to allow the Lab to maintain its income? Would existing region owners give up full regions for one of the land products? Would that hurt the Lab’s income? Lots to consider.

In the Lab it is an ongoing dialog as to what they can do with pricing. There is on going discussion about education products and costs.

34:16 Have you considered hiring an economists to look at building an economic system. Ebbe thinks their small group can figure out the financial system. But, if they see a problem they would consider hiring an economist.

35:30 What about some replacement for SL Go? The Lab is looking at it. Ebbe thinks at some point cloud GPU will reach a price point where a SL Go can be a reasonably priced. For now the math just doesn’t work out.

They continue to look at it for Sansar and mobile.

39:20 Will people be able to copybot in Sansar and sell without payment info on file? Ebbe says the more the Lab knows about a user the more they will let them do. As to selling without payment info, Ebbe doesn’t know what they will decide. It looks different for ‘persona’ accounts and how that works is undecided.

Copyboting – anyone should know the answer to this… it simply is not possible to keep people from finding ways to capture digital content that is downloaded for display in a personal computer. Whether it is movies, music, or content from a VW it can be stolen. The Lab will do all they can to protect content.
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