SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar

During SL12B a number of meetings with various Lindens were held. One was with Ebbe Linden, the CEO of Linden Lab. Jo Yardely and Saffia Widdershins are the other voices in the video.

This is my summary. As usual it is paraphrased.

01:05 Jo: Is there any change in Second Life that you are especially proud of?

Ebbe: Number of things. Primarily the relationship between the Lab and residents. Now it is more comfortable and collaborative. Quality and performance of SL is better. Focus at Lab is better, change from many products/projects to four.

Jo: What are the four points of focus?

Improving SL, Blocksworld – small team, Project Sansar – next generation project, and compliance – running a tight ship on the Linden currency system.

How and when will you speed up the cashing out process? Progress is good. The Lab has managed to automate much of the process. They are still tuning the rules as to who they would trust to payout. As it is now the automated processes are mostly about who can be trusted. Once they have that working well then they plan to automate the actual payouts. No date. The goal is to be able to payout within 24 hours. That is 24 hours for the Linden side of the process. Other banks and financial institutions are not in Linden control and not within that 24 hour goal.

06:15 Saffia is surprised compliance is a project included with the other 3. Ebbe is proud to have a trusted working relationship and it is important they avoid and prevent fraud.

06:45 Saffia mentions Danger Linden’s comment that the Lab has more experience and thus a head start on others trying to run virtual worlds with an economy. Ebbe replays, they are alone in having a floating currency, a virtual economy

07:50 SL gets lots of bad press. Seems to be getting better. What part of the SL rep annoys you most? Not that much that annoys Ebbe. Hears very little negative about SL. Most annoying to Ebbe is people’s intolerance for content in SL. Much of what is in RL is so much worse. But, reaction is so much more intolerant in VW. That people don’t get that what is in RL is going to be in VW/VR is really annoying.

10:00 Jo mentions that Ebbe and family have a home in SL. Jo wants to know how Ebbe describes SL and what he does, job-wise, to friends. Ebbe says it depends on the content and what he thinks their experience is with VW’s. He explains to them they, the Lab, are trying to create a 3D catalyst that users can choose how to fill it and what experiences to create. To provide the creative freedom so users can create whatever they want.

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