SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar

For others he can go into what is already existing in SL. But, it can get complicated because the SL is so broad. One has to try to figure out what they are interested into and can relate to.

12:50 Have you got to look at SL12B? Yes. Got to see about 30 minutes of it. Not enough time to see all he would like.

201 Bridge of dreams

201 Bridge of dreams by Erika Xaron, on Flickr”><

13:40 What does he like/enjoy most? Traveling and socializing in SL. To see what people are doing and making.

Do you usually come in as you or incognito? Almost exclusively as self. But, finds most people don’t know how he is. So, he can be himself.

15:20 What is coming for SL? Saffia thinks it is a shame is not going to be improved and that is a shame, but what else is coming? More performance improvements. Modernizing Media on a Prim (MOAP – CEF) so HTML5 and WebGL will work. Experience Keys soon. Patches team working on a new experience that will come out in July.

16:40 Audience: Will second names come back to SL? Probably not any time soon. When looking at how best to use the Lab’s resources there are more things they feel would be a better use of them. For instance the user acquisition funnel. Also improving SURL’s so people can click them and easily end up at the right place in SL without going through a labyrinth of web pages. They are experimenting with gateways and A/B testing. Creating easy ways for SL users to bring people into SL, which will get lots of resources through the near term.

18:20 Jo asks about the idea that VR will be very big, every household having a VR headset and will SL be a big part of that? Ebbe is a believer in VR. He expects it to take more time to develop than is expected. But, in 3 years and out it will be a major factor. The Lab is making a big bet on VR with Sansar.

20:15 Will Sansar work with Microsoft holo-lens? The question is mostly about how to develop Sansar for use with devices not yet thought of. For instance Second Life was designed without mobile phones in mind. Ebbe points out lots of things will happen that cannot be predicted. But, there is lots going on that can be well predicted. It is unclear which devices will win out. The Lab has to pick its battles. Input devices are complicated. Ebbe doesn’t want o deal with too many different user interfaces. Building in a smart modular way so that if things go new directions only a small part of Sansar has to be rebuilt.

24:00 Will we ever see second names in SL and will Sansar have second names? Ebbe pointed out this was asked earlier for SL and the answer is the same, not any time soon. Each time they redo their priority lists for features second names doesn’t make the bang-for-buck cutoff analysis.

With Sansar naming will be similar to SL’s. Because they want login for SL and Sansar to work together the avatar naming has to be similar. Eventually they plan to have personas in Sansar, which I guess is the multiple avatars in a user id/account in Sansar. But, personas and exactly how they will work is down the line a ways. Sansar names will be more like display names. Second names is not something they are working on for Sansar.

26:00 What about business manager accounts? A situation where multiple people need to share control. Ebbe answers that the first year of Sansar is going to be about building experiences. In the second year they will focus more on building strong personas and dealing with account concepts. He does anticipate being able to change personas without having to log out.

28:15 What about free land in Sansar and how much land will it be? Should current landlords be worried about their land rental businesses? Ebbe says people will probably be better off to look for opportunities than to worry. The Sansar model will be different. Ebbe thinks land is too expensive in SL and a block to new user entry. For the Lab to make money they have to look at how cheap they can make land and still generate income for the Lab.

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