SL Bits Week 27

Second Life: Basilique Pride

Second Life™ resident Canary Beck notes in her blog that the Basilique region is featured in 4 of the ‘What SL Means to me…’ videos. That is pretty neat.

More videos showing Basilique are included in Canary’s article.

Oz Linden Interview

Ciaran Laval has a summary of the video of Jessica Lyons, Oz Linden and Saffia Widdershins. See: Oz Linden Talks Second Life At SL12B.

Ciaran mentions that he is crashing a lot. That was also true in the Danger and Troy Linden interview. I wonder which viewer Drax and Ciaran were using. My Linden made SL Viewer has been poofing out from  under me.

Ciraran give a quick summary. If you are into all the details, here is the video.

24 Hour Days

It seems 24 hour days will be an option for regions. Our current 3 hours of day and an hour of night cycle is going to be an option.

Several bloggers have written about the coming change. I have yet to see anything on the changes that will be needed for the Environment Editor panel. I imagine it could be a very small change, like may be add a checkbox.

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