SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar

Ebbe says it will be years before it can be known if Sansar is a success. He thinkd they will have succeeded if Sansar is the easiest way to create a VR experience. As it is now one creates a VW/VR experience by hiring an engineering team and licensing Unity or Unreal and writing C# code.

Oh, Monday, you're such a Tool Meme 1.20.14

Oh, Monday, you’re such a Tool Meme 1.20.14 by Kerri Fegte, on Flickr

The bar for Sansar starts high, Maya. Then they start lowering the bar by adding more tools and support for more tools. Eventually adding simplified in world building tools. However, they do not plan to compete with Maya, Sketchup, and other tools. For the Lab is more about creating complementary tools that add to the Sansar experience.

55:30 Will Sansar have voice to text feature? The Lab expects a thinrd party will create a service like that and the Lab would license it. So, it is all just an integration process.

57:15 how will beta testers be selected? The Lab plans to start with people they know and feel  understand the problems of working in an alpha environment. They expect there will be some start over’s with content where servers are wiped and things restart. So, during that time only a few select people. When reliability is more stable they will start adding more people. Ebbe wants to allow more people by this time next year.

59:10 How far will avatar customization go in Sansar? Sansar will be more customizable. They have avatars in Sansar now that look good. But, getting well fitting clothes and additional legs and tails is a year way.

1:01:00 Any new super scoop? Some new thing to wow people? Ebbe didn’t have anything. He has pretty much told us everything.

1:02:00 Ebbe answers a question about taxes and cost and discusses for a minute or two.

1:03:00 what about remote employment? Not something they are looking to do.

1:04:20 Why not wanting open source viewers? Ebbe says it is not aversion to open source. It is more about reducing the complexity of the development process and getting to version 1.0 faster. In 3 or 4 years, Ebbe has no idea what they may do.

HUD’s in SL are a bit lame. Ebbe plans to have those become part of the viewer interface so it is easier for the Lab and experience developers.

1:07:00 Closing discussion. Mostly about getting questions from the audience asked during the interview answered in the near future. Possibly in the transcript of the meeting, which is in process of being prepared.

There is a possible monthly question and answer meetings with the Lindens.


We have a bit of new information from this interview. Mostly I think it clarifies the Lab’s intentions and directions than it provides specifics.

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