SL12B Ebbe Altberg Interview – Sansar

42:00 Will sound files be longer than 10 seconds? Yes. Sansar will provide better control of streaming, sound, and audio. Ebbe thinks it is important for immersion. So, special sound is important.

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar by Taleah Mcmahon, on Flickr

43:30 What will the specs be for Sansar? To early to know. They are targeting existing hard ware. They plan for anyone using SL today should be able to use Sansar. But, to use VR it is a different story. Most people today do not have video cards that meet Oculus Rift specs.

Ebbe cannot guarantee that Sansar won’t require new hardware. There is the plan to support existing SL users. But, they will not allow that requirement to hold Sansar back. They want it to be the best technology can provide.

Will Sansar be DirectX or OpenGL? Ebbe says both.

45:50 … I can’t make out what they are saying…

46:45 Will Sansar be more interesting to educators? Will it be possible to limit adult content exposure? Yes, with lower land and entry costs it should be much better for educators.

Isolating an experience, educational or just age-wise, is being considered. Ebbe does not see a complete lock down for an experience being beneficial to the Lab/Sansar. So, they may offer it at additional cost.

The Lab wants to allow 13 year olds into Sansar. That means they do have to control what content appears where and which users can go

49:30 Which physics engine? A very modern one… because they are licensing and in negotiation Ebbe is not saying which one.

50:10 Working with NVIDEA? Talking with them about driver tech. But, they have no specific tech the Lab plans to license. The Lab is talking with a lot of third party providers.

51:20  Where do you see Sansar a year after release? What would you consider as success? Depends on what is meant by release.  Also, which use cases are we talking. This year ir will be ready for some use cases, like architects will have a useable tool early on. For other people launch won’t be for a year and for others even another year. Avatars will not be ready until later in the process. I am guessing mid to late 2016. But, Ebbe is not definitive what will be ready when, just that it will be a progression.
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