Second Life’s Friday TPV Meeting 1/30

In last Friday’s meeting all the Linden news was covered in 8 minutes. The entire meeting was only 30 minutes. Not much in the way of new information or to talk about. There are even fewer things of interest for general users.


Brooke Linden spoke about Viewer Managed Marketplace project and their progress. She says they are still incorporating user feedback. A new viewer is coming with the feedback implemented, probably in week 6… or 7. There will probably be another round of user feedback before the project goes to beta. The timing is definitely that beta will only start sometime after the Valentine’s holiday. How much after is undecided and depends on user feedback.

Beta testing is expected to last a month or more. Once Beta is complete people can start migrating to the new system, but it won’t yet be mandatory.

The migration period, when it becomes mandatory, is expected to last a month or two. Brooke makes it obvious the schedule is flexible and dependent on user feedback. She plans to offer a more probable schedule in a couple of weeks.


Oz didn’t have any information about viewers that we didn’t already know.

The bug fixes in the maintenance package are extensive. Cocoa bugs/fixes are getting extensive QA work. We know little more than that in regard to Cocoa.

The Hover project server side should roll to the main grid next week, Tuesday 2/3. The  Project Hover Height Viewer version is expected to promote to RC status in week 6. It is likely to get some updates when promoted.

Several people would like to see this new ‘Hover Height’ renamed. As it is now we have Avatar Hover Height and Shape Hover Height. Something that will be confusing because both are named Hover Height. Such things make headaches for support people and those making tutorials. Plus putting kinks in the learning curve.


Chat Server lockups – The Lindens think they have found a solution. But, the fixes will need a long test period. The lockups are far less frequent now. So, this new round of fixes will need to run for an extended time before it can be know if the problem is really fixed.

And they have additional ideas for more improvements to prevent the lockup problem.


The code that handles Voice is getting more debugging and data reporting tools. This will make it easier for Lindens to find and fix voice problems and provide Vivox data to help them fix problems.

Voice is not always restarting when regions restart. Lindens have made and are looking at some fixes for that problem. As far as I know one has to restart the region again to get voice working. You can try restarting your viewer while in the problem region. But, I haven’t heard anything to suggest that is a work-around fix.

Build Tools

RC Viewers built with the new tools will appear in week 6. Then that will be the WAY for building viewers.


There is a problem with some mobile devices using SL Go not being able to teleport or cross regions. The Lab and SL Go are working on finding the problem. The Lab has people on it.

Product Planning

The Lab is having a meeting in SF to plan coming products and improvements in the next couple of weeks. One of the things is how to improve customer communications.

Presumably a new feature and fix list priority plan for Second Life will be decided on.

In General

We are hearing more reports of things not rendering. I personally am seeing that. Teleporting home I often find the region very slow to render. Texture load speed seems slow. I’m seeing single digit FPS in areas with 25 or more avatars.

I have heard that people using NVIDIA 760 and better video cards are not seeing that slow down. I’m not sure I believe that. But, I am considering updating my rather old computer. I would like to run on a new i7 chip.

On the upside, reports of inventory issues are down.

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