Flickr & Second Life

There are photographic artists and skilled photographers playing in Second Life that display their work on Flickr. I follow a number of them, but certainly do not know of all of the talented ones.

Most artists/photographers have a personal style. I think their styles tell us what they like and when similar to my likes, I follow them.


Some photographers do a good job of portraying ideas and/or evoking feelings. Isa Messioptra’s Darwin is interesting in that respect. I wonder how many that see this image consider whether their belief system is provable and whether they blindly believe or can actually show the reasoning behind their belief? 

Whatever your beliefs, you’ll find images I like in my Favorites on Flickr. When I find a new artist/photographer that I like, I usually add a burst of their images to my Fav’s. I find or am pointed to them, and go through their work looking to see what they have done, clicking Fav for the ones I like, and if their work is consistently something I often like, I follow them.

Why I like images varies. For instance kes.myas, of KMA Poses, has an image she called Call Me. I find it a combination of sexy and funny. My thoughts suddenly ran in a number of directions when I saw it. Others post images of their fashion designs. Often these are promotional pieces. I like either the beauty of the image or beauty or quality of the feature item.

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