Second Life News 2014-24


The Deploy announcement is out. The GROUP BAN project is to be promoted to the main grid. That will make it grid wide. You need to get the project viewer to take advantage of the feature. But, whether you have the viewer or not, if you are banned you are banned and will not be able to re-join the group. The project viewer is only needed to DO the banning.

The Trace - 2014

The Trace – 2014

So, this means there will be a rollout tomorrow morning for the main channel. 

RC Channels

Blue Steel will continue running the AISv3 update package. To see it working you need to be running the latest main release SL Viewer (, which just updated today. If you have automatic updates on, you should have seen it load. If you run RC versions, this version was out June 2.

Le Tigre is running a new package with a griefing fix. That is all the Lindens will say about it. I suspect this is a response to a recent up-tic in griefing incidents. All three RC channels include this fix. This is the sort of standalone version that ups the chances of this package making it to the main channel next week.

Magnum will continue to run the Experience Tools package. These are infrastructure changes so, there is nothing to see.


The main stable viewer released today, as mentioned above. This is the combination of memory leak fixes and the Sunshine project for AISv3, another step in eliminating bake fail.

According to the Third Party Viewer Directory the SL Viewer viewer is 6th best for stability… not so good. But, the stats probably do not include this version of the viewer. So, hopefully the numbers will be better.

Firestorm Viewer remains the most stable viewer.

RC Viewers

We are down to one RC Viewer this morning: SL Share Viewer version This is the Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook sharing viewer.

Project Viewers

We have two Project Viewers this morning. Expect that to change soon, like may be later today.

OculusRift Viewer version

Project Snowstorm Viewer version

I expect Snowstorm to move over to RC status this week. Oculus of course will not change status until we the Oculus Rift go retail and/or the DK2 start shipping.

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