Linden Lab Ahead of It Self?

I see the Lab has announced the roll out of the second phase of the Sunshine Project, also known as Server Side Avatar (SSA) baking. See: Project Shining is now complete! This is the part we have been referring to as AISv3. These are the additional server side changes to the Agent (LL-ese for Avatar) Inventory Service (AIS) to fix remaining problems with avatar appearance failures.


The current main SL Viewer has the viewer side code for the latest Sunshine updates. But, only the Blue Steel RC channel has the server side of these changes. So, we won’t actually see the effect of these changes in most of SL until those changes roll grid wide.

So, this announcement seems a bit premature. Yesterday at the Content/Mesh UG meeting Nyx Linden was saying there are still things to do and pointing out that the server side had not rolled to the main grid. In fact it won’t even be on Blue Steel until tomorrow, Wednesday.

I suspect the Linden announcement may have been a scheduled post. The security issue with server side software in week 23 pushed the schedule back a week. So, I think this announcement didn’t get rescheduled. But, I could be wrong and somewhere there is a Linden that isn’t keeping up. But, anyway I look at it, this announcement is a bit early.

The SL Viewer with I think most of the changes for AIS is out and is now the default/main release. Someone may have thought that meant the server side was done too… oh well. At least they are talking and saying something about what they are doing.

Now if we just knew what they were doing with the Experience Tools and what all the other Lindens are working on…

5 thoughts on “Linden Lab Ahead of It Self?

  1. We probably should have been a bit clearer about the distinction between projection Sunshine and the AISv3 improvements – they’re actually separate, but happened to roll out at the same time. Deploying the Sunshine Viewer yesterday does mean that project is now complete. The Viewer component of the AISv3 work was included in the Sunshine Viewer release, which is why we announced it in the same blog post, but the server-side component of that work has yet to be released – it should be coming soon!

  2. If one uses Firestorm , do we have to wait for all this coding to be installed under the hood over there to get these upgrades?

    Thanks Pete for commenting– this really helps 🙂

  3. The Cool VL Viewer has been implementing all the Sunshine branch fixes for months already, as well as (a fixed version of) AISv3 support for weeks (toggle to enable AISv3 in Advanced -> Network)…

    • I should have figured…

      Hopefully this feature will spread to the entire grid next week or the week after.

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