Ebbe Visits Server-Scripting UG

We haven’t heard much about what is in the works at the Lab. I suspect that Lindens are somewhat conditioned to not say anything about things that have not been officially cleared for release. But, today Ebbe Linden, Ebbe Altberg – Linden Lab CEO, was at the UG meeting. Since he is the last word on what can be released for public consumption, he can speak more freely. I’ll provide news updates then get to Ebbe’s comments.


Ebbe Linden – 6/2014


There is nothing more to say than I reported yesterday. See: Second Life News 2014-24.


As I reported yesterday the Memshine viewer was released. The Lab announced that the Sunshine Project is finished. But, in Linden Lab Ahead of It Self? I point out that is not completely accurate.

As to RC viewers coming in, Oz Linden expects a Group Ban RC Viewer to be on the RC Viewers page late today or tomorrow some time. Since Group Ban will be on 100% of the main grid by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, that will be nice.


If you don’t know, there is a problem with Pathfinding and terrain editing. If you do extensive terrain editing and make lots of updates to the Patchfinding Navmesh, your region is going to choke. See BUG-772Simulator refusing to rez objects after 10 hour timeframe.

Those editing terrain need to avoid updating the Navmesh until they finish. Then after the terra forming the region needs to be restarted.

This is a problem with the Navmesh updating having a bug. Lots of terrain changes and Navmesh updates the server memory is used up apparently by a memory leak.


Some discussion started about problems with the Linden Scripting Language. The basic response is summarized in Simon Linden’s comment, “…I don’t think we’re going to touch the internal design of LSL if we can help it.”

I take that to mean the core functionality of LSL is not going to change… this decade. So, lists in lists or arrays are not going to be part of LSL in the foreseeable future.

However, some of the issues bring brought up are probably better handled by a viewer scripting language. That is an idea, not a project in progress.


At the end of the meeting Ebbe said, “I’ll sit for a bit in case someone wants to ask questions (less geeky ones….)…”

The first question was about G-Team and PeaceKeepers harassing users. Ebbe’s response, “We chase the bad ones and shut them down as fast as we can… “

On last names coming back, “Last names…it just seems to be a bigger project than one would think and keeps getting bumped by higher priorities…” I find that an interesting answer. I think it suggests there is a possibility.

That names are bumped by higher priorities things… We may need to adjust our personal ideas of how important this feature is. From a users’ viewpoint I suspect it is more important than it appears from within the Lab. But, the Lab can tabulate the complaints coming in. I suspect there are more complaints about other things and thus the disparity in their and our perception of the problem.

On Experience Tools, “Experience tools are getting closer…Simon may know better how close….we just did a big test of them earlier today…but I’m not sure when they’ll be ready for prime time…soon I hope… “

Simon Linden commented, “It’s getting closer but I’m not familiar with the plans on making them available for others.”

On Mesh avatars Ebbe commented, “Yep, face is not doing anything with the new avatars… bummer… we’re looking at that to see if we can get eyes and mouths cranking again… I agree face is critical and having a stone face like my current avatar is not cool… a couple of steps forward and a step backwards…”

NOW THAT is an interesting comment. It doesn’t tell us what or when something may happen. But, the Lindens are thinking about it.

On Chat Lag: “Chat lag…yes, on the list, Simone made progress but then had to deal with some other higher priority things, hope he, or someone, can get back to it soon…”

Simon also commented, “I learned a lot on the first pass and while it unfortunately didn’t improve things, we got a lot more information on where the load is.    Thus I have hopes the next round will be better.”

While there weren’t any definitive or new projects out lined, Ebbe does give us an idea of they are working on (and willing to talk about).

6 thoughts on “Ebbe Visits Server-Scripting UG

  1. Can’t even read the BUG report on the terrain/ path finding. I thought common peasants could at least READ the JIRA .

    Thanks for this update but I am fuzzy on what they will be working on – since most topics are described as postponed for “higher” priorities.

    Unless keeping the grid going is it.

    • I thought so too. This is an older BUG item and unless someone resets the security level, it keeps the old ‘closed’ value. Try reading the item now.

    • It is hard to know, in my opinion. But, I suspect they have all had an agenda or a mission.

  2. After the trial period of… what, 6 months ? … the new guy seems to do pretty well it seems. Or is that just my impression ?

    • I’m not sure what your getting at…

      Companies have inertia, as odd as that sounds to some. I suspect it takes six months just to change a company enough we can see the changes.

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